An AAPG Fall Education Conference Course

Assessment, Forecasting, and Decision-Making in Unconventional Resource Plays

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

Gain a better understanding on how to evaluate, plan and make decisions with regards to unconventional resource assessment, testing, and development planning. This course oriented towards the recognition &characterization of uncertainty in unconventional reservoirs will dive well beyond tactical number-crunching into analysis, decision-making, strategy, portfolio management, and a rudimentary understanding of risk analysis. The two-day course taught by, William Haskett a Senior Principal–Energy Strategy and member of the Board of Directors of Decision Strategies, will bare many examples which will provide participants with the proper techniques and reasoning needed to validly assess the merits of the search for, and development of, unconventional resource plays. This course will be part of the 2014 Fall Education Conference and will be taking place Monday November 10th-Tuesday 11th at the Norris Conference Center-CityCentre in Houston, Texas.

Course Details
Event: Fall Education Conference
Presentation: Assessment, Forecasting, and Decision-Making in Unconventional Resource Plays
Instructor(s): William Haskett
Date: November 10th-11th, 2014 (Monday & Tuesday)
Location: Norris Conference Center-CityCentre in Houston, Texas
Content: 1.5 CEU
Limit: 50 people

Who Should Attend
This course is targeted towards Earth Scientists, Engineers, Economists, Landmen, and Managers

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Develop methods for valid resource assessment
  • Distinguish recovery from matrix and sorbed components
  • Understand and apply liquids rich resource estimation methods
  • Assess and work with production uncertainty
  • Compare and contrast production profiles and apply them in decision-making
  • Understand stochastic multi-phase flow forecasting
  • Use field size and well data to predict field results
  • Understand unconventional assessment within a decision context

Course Content
Along with the basic evaluation of opportunities and reservoir production uncertainty, the course highlights the major decision points and strategic options available to companies to increase the probability of profitable results, while identifying and limiting downside risk. The unconventional reservoir discussion is centered on tight gas sands, shale gas, with special attention given to liquids multi-phase flow.

In addition to the theory of resource and type-curve estimation, probabilistic methods and practical models are provided (to be retained by the course participants). No additional software will be required apart from Microsoft Excel.

PLEASE NOTE: Participants in this course are strongly encouraged to bring a personal laptop computer for use with the simulations and teamwork exercises. People without computers will still get a lot from the course, but they won't get to take home the tools that we build or those that are used in the exercises. Participants will be supplied with Excel models for exercise and demonstration purposes(Microsoft operating system).

Conference Content
2014 Fall Education Conference

The three concurrent sessions allow attendees to mix and match courses according to their interests and training needs. Courses for the conference may be purchased individually. These individual prices are reflected in the pricing on the course descriptions.

Course notes will be provided in digital format on USB flash drive only, so electronic devices with a USB port are required for all courses. If you do not have access to an electronic device with a USB port, please contact the AAPG Education Dept. for an alternate method to download the digital course notes.

For registration and full conference details click: HERE!

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