Innovators in Technology Series: Interview with Jon Rogers, Locus Bio Energy

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

Finding ways to improve the ultimate recovery of reservoirs and to do so in a way that has a low environmental impact, protects water resources, and improves the economics of the field has been the main focus of Locus Bio-Energy ( Welcome to an interview with Jon Rogers, who talks to us about his experiences.

What is your name? What is and your background?

Jon Rogers CEO of Locus Bio Energy. Prior to that Global Head of Clariant’s Oilfield Operations and Before that Global Technology Director for BP.

What do you consider to be a key challenge in today's oil and gas exploration and operations?

Changing the public’s perception of the oil industry, reducing carbon footprint via reduced flaring, sustainable, environmentally friendly chemicals and processes.

Which technologies are addressing the issues?

Gas liquification for flaring, green bio based chemicals for sustainability and low environmental impact.

What do you have planned for the future?

We have developed a range of low environmental impact, highly effective bio-surfactants that are used at lower dosages than the traditional surfactants used in drilling and production chemicals, mobilizing more oil per well while being sourced from non-hydrocarbon (foodstuffs) sources. The attached picture shows Locus Bio-Energy AssurEOR FLOW outperforming Xylene for wax dispersion in independent 3rd party laboratory testing Details - Oil Laboratories of America (OLA) independent laboratory testing1 was conducted in March 2019. In tests with several paraffin wax samples, AssurEOR FLOW met or exceeded the dispersion efficacy of:

  •    BTEX solvents xylene and pentane
  •    Condensate and kerosene

The tests demonstrated AssurEOR FLOW biosurfactants outperformed three competitive wax dispersant products from leading oil servicing companies in each of the 3 sets of tests conducted.

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