Interview with Tom Glover, Upstream Intelligence

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

Welcome to an interview with Tom Glover, Senior Industry Analyst of Upstream Intelligence, the organizers of the Data-Driven Drilling and Production (DDDP) conference, which takes place in Houston in June. The conference features industry decision-makers who work with data scientists who use new analytics to optimize upstream and midstream operations. The DDDP will feature an early look at the Open Subsurface Data Universe.

What is DDDP?

The oil & gas industry is evolving. Slow to the uptake of the ‘digital age’ and industry 4.0, the industry is finally entering its digital adolescence, standing on the brink of a true transformation. The theoretical implications of digitalization, AI, Automation, the Edge and the Cloud for the industry have been well documented. The path to their practical deployment, however, have not.

That’s why Upstream Intelligence created Data-Driven Drilling and Production (DDDP). To cut through the digital hype and reveal clear examples of the strides taken towards this new digital-industrial synthesis. Attendees at this conference don’t hear about the hypothetical imaginings of what could be. They see the industry’s future.

How many years has it existed?

Returning for its 5th year, DDDP cements its place as the greatest data-driven event in the O&G calendar.

What are some of the major topics? What are some of the ideas that have been explored?

We’ll cover:

  • how companies are inducing a digital culture change
  • how E&P companies are achieving automation
  • how one operator is has reached a new level of data integration; allowing easer machine learning software execution and predictive maintenance
  • Real-time and smart drilling
  • Digital twins

You’ll see all the best gamechangers across, not one, but two shark-tank technology showcases. You’ll have access to five workshops, 40 exhibitors, and three tracks dedicated to data-driven production, data-driven drilling, and, new this year, the digital subsurface workshop.

What is the new digital subsurface track, and what does it entail?

This innovative forum will reveal how data and new technology is changing subsurface oil & gas. You’ll learn how Repsol are empowering geoscientists with quantitative interpretation through the Cloud, how one operator has used AI to slash the time taken to interpret seismic, the first live demonstration of the Open Subsurface Data Universe, and the latest in achieving the ultimate synergy of data and physics – a breakthrough in reservoir understanding. You’ll see five subsurface gamechangers present in a shark-tank technology showcase and you’ll hear about the future of the industry: from subsurface assistants to cognitive computing.

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