Interview with Emilio David Rodriguez, ExoEstrata Andalucian Astrogeology Society

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

People who are interested in astrogeology have an opportunity to get involved in the new, active astrogeological club, ExoEstrata, in Granada, Andalucia. Connected with AAPG’s Astrogeology Committee, the leaders of ExoEstrata seek to develop productive exchanges of information.

Welcome to a meeting with one of the founders, Emilio David Rodriguez.

What is your name and your background?

I’m Emilio David Rodriguez. I’m a young explorer pursuing new horizons. I’m a lightning storm, creative, dynamic and intense.

I’m fire, passionate, cheerful and warm.

My journey begins in Granada. The curiosity to discover the world leads me to study Physics. Excited by the academic knowledge, I decide to venture into the social communication of science, creating a positive impact in my community. Then my path crosses with Joel and Adrián, and together we create ExoEstrato, a pioneering society in research, training and outreach of astrogeology.

How did you get involved in astrogeology? Why are you interested in astrogeology? What is your ultimate goal?

I remember the feelings I experimented the first time I saw the Milky Way.

I was fascinated by the wonders that nature was presenting to me, the stars shining in the sky. I was excited by the opportunity I had to reach those stars, to explore beyond the Earth.

That day I changed: I decided to focus my career in astrophysics, and the study of other worlds. There are million of exoplanets out there, waiting to be discovered. It’s obvious that the humankind won’t live forever in the Earth, so we have the most important mission: find a way to survive in the space. And I will do whatever it takes to achieve it. That’s my legacy for the next generations to come.

What does your society do?

Everyone of us is responsible of making the world a better place to live. Last year I was president of AIESEC in Granada, the largest youth organisation present in more tan 100 countries and partner of United Nations to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. My experience in AIESEC showed me that our generation is taking an active role to face the challenges that are shaping the future.

We live in a society where formal leaders are not reliable, so we have to take our own decisions according to our personal values.

We live in a society where knowledge and information are more and more accesible, but we need communication skills to transmit what we learn.

We live in a society rich in cultures and customs, so is essential to embrace the diversity accepting that differences make us unique and special.

We live in a society where uncertainty and change are the rules, that’s why we need to take risks and look for opportunities to innovate.

Teamwork and interdisciplinarity are vital for the development of our society, and university creates the common environment to make it happen.

Are you involved in robotics or in sensors used in astrogeology? What are your views of exploration of Mars?

I started to work with robotics 6 six years ago, presenting a project in a national contest of LEGO. Robotics plays an important role in advancement of technology and I consider it the way of making spacial exploration possible. Resource mining and extraction, with the stablishment of a permanent base in Mars, will lead to the colonisation of our Solar System. I think I will live to see that and participate somehow. That proccess of exploration should count with the collaboration of all the space agencies, based in ethics and respect towards the planets we will inhabit.

What are your plans for the future?

My plan is to fall and to get up, this is, constant learning and improvement. I’m ambitious and determined. For that reason, in september I’m going to Poland to work during 6 weeks with local schools providing assistance to children that don’t have access to a proper education. Meanwhile, I will use my time and effort for the growing of ExoEstrato, the first spanish society specialized in investigation in the field of astrogeology, and creating the first company of cosmic beauty cosmetics, StarBreath, using meteorites in personal and private beauty products to break up the gap between society and astronomy.

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