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Interview with Don Herman, Cordax

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)
What is your name and background?

Don Herman — US Sales and Business Development for Cordax Evaluation Technologies ( Background include 20 years with Schlumberger in wireline logging and corporate operations. Business Development and responsible for Permian introduction for ThruBit and managed integration into Schlumberger following the ThruBit acquisition. Now focused on the immersion into US operations for open hole logging in all wells, especially lateral wells in all target areas.

What is Cordax and what is the problem it solves?

Cordax provides industry standard open hole logs by utilizing a proprietary deployment system that eliminates wireline and allows operators to log every well, cost effectively at very low risk. The total cost of logging is <20% of any alternative, is reliable and dramatically reduces lost in hole risk.

Please discuss why logging horizontal wells is useful.

Operators have determined that in most lateral wells, the rock is not all the same. Also, the objective to improve production consistency, build accurate earth models and optimize completions, it is becoming more important to obtain accurate data. Cordax is the first solution that allows operators to log every well.

How does Cordax keep from getting stuck?

Cordax LWT tools are deployed and landed in a Cordax proprietary collar. The tools never leave drill pipe. In the event drill pipe gets stuck, the tools can be retrieved via an overshot on a slick line or braided line.

Please discuss 2 or 3 success stories.

Cordax has over 1000 successful deployments worldwide. The bulk of these have been in Canada and the US. Many operators in the Permian are now running these tools on nearly every well. We have also deployed the system in a variety of deviated and vertical wells where wireline could not reach TD, but drill pipe can. The Cordax LWT system is replacing wireline in a variety of field deployments.

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