Deepwater and Shelf Reservoirs: Big Data, New Knowledge and Analytics for Enhanced Results | 24-25 January 2017 | Houston, Texas,

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American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

First time ever! A GTW that shows you how to use Big Data and Deep Learning in geology / geophysical applications. Each day will also host for the first time a Lunch & Learn to build your skills and knowledge. The "Deepwater and Shelf Reservoirs: Big Data, New Knowledge and Analytics for Enhanced Results" does that and more.

We have world experts in Deep Learning coming in from San Francisco, France, and other hubs of innovation who will show us just how Deep Learning can be applied to oil and gas exploration, and how it can transform the way you see the world. We will have hands-on worksheets that you will complete in teams so that when you leave, you'll have your own personalized workflow to implement.

Big Data approaches are leading to optimized reservoirs, step-outs, and even new discoveries. Find out how!

We're bringing in the latest applications of big data and deep learning, and we're making connections to deepwater and shelf reservoirs. This workshop updates your skillsets and your knowledge with presentations over new findings, technologies, and case studies as well as updated "how-to" processes and procedures.​

The topics covered include reservoir modeling, connectivity, depositional models and reservoir dynamics, big data, geophysical processing and modeling, geomechanical considerations in reservoir characterization, faults and fractures, tectonics and stratigraphy.

For more information contact Stephanie Brown,

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