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Diversifying with an MBA in Energy Leadership: Interview with Trailukya Borgohain, Oil India

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

A downturn is a great time to diversify. What is the best way? Give yourself the tools you need, and then combine them with experience and enthusiasm to take you great places in your life and career.

Welcome to an interview with Trailukya Borgohain, Chief Geologist for Oil India Limited and loyal AAPG member. Trailukya took advantage of AAPG’s online courses and partnership with Texas A&M University at Texarkana. TAMUT''s MBA in Energy Leadership is available in a 100% online program, and has been ranked among the top 5 online MBA programs in the U.S.

What is your name and your relationship to the TAMUT Energy Leadership MBA?

I am Trailukya Borgohain, presently Chief Geologist (Exploration) at Oil India Limited. My responsibilities at my workplace increased many fold in the recent years, and it became firm in my mind that I should do a formal management program which will give me a strong theoretical and practical foundations to carry out higher responsibilities. Towards the end of 2012 I was seriously looking for an MBA course and it was at this time I came to know about the MBA Energy Leadership Program at Texas A&M University, Texarkana. The AAPG Leadership and strategic thinking in oil and gas was a pre-requisite for the program. I started the program during August 2013 and completed it in May, 2015. For me it was really an intensive program where I had to balance work, life, community responsibilities and study. It was a good feeling to be at the graduation ceremony in May, 2015 after successful completion of the MBA.

What were your best experiences with the program?

In Management Strategy in Energy Professionals course I had to collaborate with two fellow students for a project. The idea was to create an energy company of your own and come up with a strategic plan with a sustainable long term future. As an E&P company engaged in shale oil and gas exploitation, we made an extensive plan to mitigate risks that might arise out of price of hydrocarbon, and solutions for treatment and disposal of produced water in shale oil and gas wells. The initial selection of the topic was difficult because all the three participants were of different backgrounds in experiences and by training. We slowly build up a common understanding, and could collaborate to present a satisfactory strategic plan.

Which classes did you enjoy the most? How did they pertain to the "real world"?

Macroeconomic Theory & Policy was interesting, as the theories helped me understand the impact of factors that can impact the economies. The Finance for Energy Professionals gave insights of finding profitability of projects which is very important for E&P companies. The course on Managerial Strategy and Policy gave insights on the factors and approaches that can help organizations survive in highly competitive business environment. I believe these classes pertain very much to the “real world”.

What advice would you give to a person considering the program?

I recommend the program to experienced professionals. One should try to be thorough and detailed  and should adhere to timelines. A little bit of hard work must be there to complete the courses successfully.

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MBA Energy Leadership Track
I have graduated from Texas A&M University Texarkana in MBA Energy Leadership Track August 2016. Same as per "Trailukya" I was also looking for some management related knowledge after Geosciences industry experience. I was posted to LMKR GeoGraphix Houston office in 2012 and came to know about this program. The AAPG Leadership and strategic thinking in oil and gas was a pre-requisite for the program. And a big thanks to my teacher Dr. Susan Nash, she motivated me a lot. Because, as a science student, I never saw any accountancy and finance formula. Now have 12 years of experience as a Geophysicist and Application Support consultant with the art of managerial skills and knows how to handle the project costing and profitability. Thanks you very much AAPG and Texas A&M University, Texarkana for this course.
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12/28/2016 1:14:11 AM
More information
Thank you so much for this article! This is a topic I am very interested in as are many other members. AAPG's Career Services Committee has talked about writing a similar article that also includes an analysis of the estimated costs to complete a program like this, the time commitment involved, and which schools are the best options for pursing something like this. We have interviewed other members who have completed similar programs and have collected some data on this topic. Do you plan to follow up this article with any more information? I am happy to hear about AAPG's collaboration with Texas A&M, do they partner up with any other schools? Any other information or statistics you have would be greatly appreciated. Perhaps we could coordinate our efforts and write a more extensive overview of MBA Energy options and include deadlines, websites and contact information.
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9/29/2016 3:48:01 PM

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