AAPG E-Symposium Series: 1 hour live, plus 1 day independent study

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

AAPG is combining synchronous and asynchronous online instruction to give you a robust learning experience that allows you to reinforce your learning with readings, reflection, and learning activities.

Each e-symposium consists of one-hour live e-symposium, along with material for one full day of independent study.

The live portion will be followed by a full day of independent study (not a live event). The one-hour live e-symposium can be accessed from any computer anywhere in the world using a high-speed internet connection. After the event is over, you will receive via email information about accessing the asynchronous segment (not live) which consists of your independent study materials, to be accessed and studied at any time. You will be able to email responses to the readings, along with your study question answers for CEU credit (if you sign up for the extended package).

Wind Farm Operations: Current Practices and Future Trends

June 25, 2009
2 pm CDT / 3 pm EDT (for the “live” segment)

Experience in wind farm operations, or just getting started? Running large operations, or installing small, targeted-use operations?

Join our experts, which will include individuals from wind turbine manufacturing and wind farm operations. Included in our speakers is Russ Agrusa, ICONICS renewable energy expert, who will discuss alternative energy/wind power applications, from installation to operations. He will also provide information on case studies. Our presenters will discuss many aspects of wind farm operations, and then will answer your questions.

  1. Overview of Wind Farm Operations: Challenges, Key Considerations
    • Large wind farms
    • Small – medium wind farms
    • Integrated solutions (wind energy, geothermal, fossil energy)
  2. Review of Portal for Wind Farm Operations
  3. Using Virtual Earth with Smart Pins for viewing and managing assets
  4. Integrating meteorological information
  5. Reporting options for Wind Farm Management
Wind Farm operations

The presenters will discuss effective management of wind farm operations, and the challenges often encountered. His presentation will cover all scales, levels, and kinds of wind farm operations. He will also discuss a few cases, which include real–time software solutions for renewable energy. One key consideration is how to obtain real-time information about overall productivity of the wind turbines, alarm information from wind towers and local meteorological information for complete wind farm management.

3D Seismic Profiles of U.S. Shale Plays

July 23, 2009
2 pm CDT / 3 pm EDT (for the “live” segment)

As commodity prices have dropped, many shale plays have become uneconomical as statistical plays and have increasingly become recognized as geological plays demanding new insights from data.

This course provides an overview of the integrated use of 3D seismic data for exploration and development in major shale plays in the continental U.S. with applicability worldwide.

The expert, David Paddock, provides a petrophysical, geophysical, and geomechanical background of the major shale plays and discusses how to high-grade using seismic. The plays covered in the e-symposium include the following:

  • Barnett
  • Marcellus
  • Fayetteville
  • Woodford
  • Eagle Ford
  • Bakken
  • Haynesville
Who should attend?

Anyone who is involved in U.S. shale plays may benefit from this webinar.

David Paddock is Principal Geophysicist and Advanced Projects Team Leader with Schlumberger Data & Consulting Services in Houston, TX, USA.

Cost: $75 for AAPG members
$95 for non-members

$100 for AAPG members
$145 for non-members

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