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Top Reasons to Speak at ACE 2021

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Submission Deadline: 14 January 2021

Speaking at a convention such as the AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition (ACE) can be quite daunting for those with little to no experience with public speaking. Presenting your research, knowledge, ideas, and innovations is not necessarily as easy as it sounds. Communicating concisely, interacting with industry colleagues, and grabbing the attention and engaging the audience is all part of presenting a great talk.

However, submitting your abstracts and becoming a speaker can come with a list of benefits for both your personal and professional development. Here are few reasons to submit abstracts for the upcoming ACE 2021 in Denver, Colorado.

Top Reasons to Speak at ACE

Share your knowledge and expertise
Use ACE as a platform to share the latest science, research, and innovations. Geoscientists from around the world are looking to you for answers and solutions to challenges facing exploration.

Promote the geosciences
Help guide the future of our geosciences community. As a speaker you will be advocating for the development of processes, technologies, and methods that continue to advance the science of petroleum geology.

Build your resume
If you are looking for another reason to add to your resume, here’s your chance. Aligning yourself with AAPG’s 100+ years of credible science and history makes a great addition to your resume.

Expand your network
Networking and connecting at ACE is one of the most effective ways to build strategic business relationships and establish new contacts. Take this opportunity to expand your contacts and be seen as a leader in your field.

Get published
Having your abstract selected means you’ll be included in an internationally established online journal for geoscientists in the AAPG Datapages and Search and Discovery.

Improve your public speaking
Not everyone enjoys giving presentations. Use this opportunity to surround yourself with peers and other industry experts to practice your public speaking skills.

Start writing your abstracts today for the AAPG 2021 Annual Convention and Exhibition (ACE) in Denver, Colorado, 23–26 May 2021. You can upload your abstracts here

  • Theme 1: Siliciclastic Systems
  • Theme 2: Carbonates, Evaporites, and Mixed Systems
  • Theme 3: Geochemistry, Basin Modeling, and Petroleum Systems
  • Theme 4: Structure, Tectonics, and Geomechanics
  • Theme 5: Unconventional Resources
  • Theme 6: Sustainable Energy Development and Environmental Geoscience
  • Theme 7: Geophysics – What’s New and Innovative?
  • Theme 8: Deep Integration of Data and Disciplines
  • Theme 9: New Energy Frontiers, Critical Minerals, and Planetary Geology
  • Theme 10: Commercial Skills and Regulatory Framework
  • Theme 11: SEPM Research Symposium
  • Theme 12: History of Petroleum Geology
  • Theme 13: AAPG and SEPM Student Research
  • [ View all Themes and Subthemes ]

For questions or additional information, please contact:

Alicia Collins
Event Coordinator
+1 918 560 2616

Theresa Curry
Meeting Planner
+1 918 560 2683

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