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Overcoming obstacles, dealing with uncertainty, and facing failure are all part of the search for hydrocarbons. It’s what we signed up for when we decided to join the world’s energy industry. But let’s be honest, it’s not an easy path – especially these days – and it’s not a path you have to walk alone.   

For the first time, AAPG’s Annual Convention Exhibition (ACE) is going fully digital. ACE 2020 Online launches live from 29 September to 1 October and is your opportunity to learn and grow. In times like these we need to stick together. We need to share our knowledge and experiences with each other: to learn, to get better, and to spread the load. 

Register now and take advantage of early-bird prices – $375 for AAPG Members and $475 for Nonmembers – a $100 savings compared with rates after the 31 August deadline. Your registration includes access to more than 400 technical talks, poster sessions, and products and services displays over show days and then on-demand anytime, from anywhere, and from any device through 30 December 2020.

Together with our long-time partner SEPM, and this year joined by the Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies (GCAGS), we’re pleased to offer a dynamic program that will connect you to the cutting edge of petroleum geoscience and to your peers. And while we realize that no online event can fully match the fun, energy and incidental connections that occur in-person, the value of attending ACE 2020 Online may, in some ways, exceed what was possible had the event run as planned in June.

Here’s what a few of our friends and colleagues had to say about the digital conference experience following URTeC 2020 Online completed last month: 

  • I love that the talks were all recorded and available to view at times other than the program schedule. I didn’t have to worry about missing one.
  • I like the ability to rewind and fast-forward presentations – and listen again and again. Plus, I can go back and watch presentations I missed because of work commitments.
  • The Q&A part is great. A much larger number of participants were asking questions.
  • One you see it (the online portal), it speaks for itself.  

ACE 2020 Online is the best opportunity you’ll have to safely exchange ideas and catch-up with friends while travel restrictions, social distancing and health concerns persist. A successful ACE is also critically important to AAPG as a source of funding for the Association’s many no- and low-cost education and outreach programs.

By registering for ACE 2020 Online you benefit yourself and strengthen our community. Here’s what you can expect: 

  • Access to a wide range of technical and business presentations; 
  • Access to vendor and sponsor demos, white papers, videos and more; 
  • Unlimited engagement – information available in real time over show days and on-demand through 30 December 2020; 
  • Links to short and extended abstracts; 
  • Connectivity with AAPG committees, community groups, and social events; 
  • Open networking with fellow registrants and solutions providers; 
  • Company and group rates available, plus a ‘pay it forward’ option to help students and displaced colleagues. 

We are already looking forward to seeing you at ACE 2021 in Denver. But don’t wait until then to connect with friends, suppliers, and clients. ACE 2020 Online is your opportunity to engage with the global geoscience community during this unique all-digital experience. 

 Our businesses and industry are experiencing difficult times, but overcoming obstacles is what explorers do – so let’s do it together. Invest in yourself and your profession. Register for ACE 2020 Online today.

*If you registered early for ACE 2020 in Houston, please contact AAPG Customer Experiences by or by phone +1 800 364 2274 to confirm your ACE 2020 Online participation and we will promptly refund your overpayment.

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