AAPG International Conference and Exhibition (ICE)

ICE 2018 and AOW Co-Located in Cape Town

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)
ICE 2018 and AOW Open Doors for Technology and Commercial Collaboration

The AAPG 2018 International Conference and Exhibition (ICE) and Africa Oil Week (AOW) will be taking place simultaneously at the Cape Town International Convention Centre this November. Both events will gather geoscientists, executives, and energy experts from across the globe to discuss and engage on the latest industry trends and innovations. 

Why Co-Located?
Having these events co-located offers the chance for attendees with separate focuses to collaborate under one roof. AAPG’s focus of disseminating the latest advancements of petroleum science and technology with AOW’s focus on business insights, investment strategies, and invaluable matchmaking opportunities opens the door for technology and commercial collaboration. 

"Bringing these events together is about connecting the commercial and technology elements of the African Oil and Gas sector for better decision-making" "ICE at AOW is an opportunity for senior leaders to communicate, collaborate, and share experiences with their technical teams."
– David Curtiss, Executive Director, AAPG

"We're excited to welcome AAPG's ICE alongside AOW." "Our attendees will benefit from access to the Prospect Forum, which will be led by AOW with deep technology insights gleaned from AAPG's technical program."
– Paul Sinclair, Conference Director, Africa Oil Week

AAPG / AOW Prospect Forum
The AAPG / AOW Prospect Forum is a unique platform for Independent Oil Companies, Geoscience companies, and National Oil Companies to promote their opportunities and data to the global oil and gas sector. 

A collaboration of AAPG’s scientific leaders and AOW’s business leaders, this forum will bring the best minds together to source and originate new opportunities, acreage, and farm down assets making it the engine room for new business discussions.

The Prospect Forum provides a dedicated platform to access decision makers who broker the deals, making it the quickest way to develop new partnerships and finance your priority projects and activities.

The agenda will be structured as follows:

► Day 1: National Oil Companies and Governments
► ‭Day 2: Independents
►‭ Day 3: Geo-Services

What Can You Attend?

The ICE Exhibition and the co-produced Prospect Forum is open to both ICE attendees and AOW attendees. (Entry to technical sessions, networking events, and other functions will require the purchase of full registrations to either event.) 

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