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Join us in London, England to learn, collaborate, network, and engage with industry peers and experts. At ICE 2017 you will meet geologists, geophysicists, and other petroleum industry professionals from countries around the world. Build you knowledge and skills, discover technology innovations, and interact with an array of professional geoscientists at ICE 2017.

Short Courses

Wealth of Information in Short Order!
ICE 2017 London Short Courses are an effective and efficient way to learn about the industry. With many to choose from, there’s something for everyone.

  • ICE SC 1 | Applied Biostratigraphy - The Value of Biostratigraphy in Hydrocarbon Exploration, Development and Production.
  • ICE SC 2 | The Global Petroleum Industry in the Next Decade: an Overview to the Science, Technology and AAPG
  • ICE SC 3 | Advanced Sequence Stratigraphic Applications for Exploration and Production
  • ICE SC 4 | Basin and Petroleum System Modeling in Conventional and Unconventional Exploration
  • ICE SC 5 | Fundamentals of Salt Tectonics
  • ICE SC 6 | Data Science and Deep Learning in Exploration and Production
Field Trips

Take the Classroom to the Field!
Getting out in the field and being able to touch, see and feel the objects of your training makes for the best possible experience. ICE 2017 London Field Trips are designed to maximize your time and travel with a combination of field work, lecture, and class work.

  • ICE FT 01 | Geology of the Midland Valley Area Around Edinburgh
  • ICE FT 02 | Contourites and Reworked Turbidites From the Eocene to Miocene Deposits of the Lefkara and Pakhna Formations (Cyprus): Scientific and Economic Significance
  • ICE FT 03 | Evaluating the Expression of Petroleum Plays at Outcrop: An Example From the Jurassic of the Pas-de-Calais, Northern France
  • ICE FT 04 | Petroleum Systems of the Western Iberian Margin
  • ICE FT 05 | Tectonic and Sedimentary History of a Basin Margin, Isle of Wight
  • ICE FT 06 | Syn-Rift Lacustrine Carbonates; Cycles, Microbial Mounds, Brackish-Hypersaline Facies, Wessex Basin, United Kingdom
  • ICE FT 07 | Fractured Reservoirs: Jurassic Source Rocks and Zechstein Carbonates of Northeast England
  • ICE FT 08 | Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs Outcrops: Observing Faults Fractures and Karsts Permeability Networks in Different Carbonate Depositional Settings
  • ICE FT 09 | Petroleum Systems and Reservoir Characterization in the Wessex Basin, Southern England
  • ICE FT 10 | Atlantic Margin Petroleum Systems: Morocco Field Course

Please register before 31 August 2017. Short course and field trip cancellation due to low enrollment will be considered at this time.

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