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AAPG Blog Zone

The latest news and views from around the world, with a focus on the topics that matter most to AAPG members.

Events Blog

This is your source for learning about the opportunities, trends and people shaping AAPG's conferences and conventions. From ACE, ICE and URTeC to APPEX, GEO Convention and IPTC, AAPG’s Promotions and Sales team bring you the latest event news. You'll also hear from event committee members serving as guest bloggers.

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Register now for the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) 2020 Annual Convention and Exhibition (ACE), 7–10 June 2020, at the George R. Brown Convention Center, in Houston, Texas.

Learn! Blog

Learning is important—now more than ever. How do you equip yourself for changing times? How do you deepen and broaden your knowledge? Here is an informal place to find out what we’re doing, what we’re planning, and how we’re listening to you. Dr. Susan Nash, AAPG’s Director of Education and Professional Development, shares the new territory she’s introducing to AAPG with courses and dynamic new workshops. She is also planning more interactive, Web 2.0 offerings. So, give her your input about the best and worst of the wild and woolly world of webinars, Web-based training, and open courseware.

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Welcome to an interview with Matt Bell, Co-Founder of Strategic Piece, who talks to us today about what it takes to take a new technology from the idea stage to successful launch and commercialization. Matt is involved in AAPG’s U-Pitch New Technology Showcase, where he provides support and guidance to companies needing to build markets as well as potentially obtaining capital.

wwwUpdate Blog

News, updates, and commentary from all corners of AAPG’s web world. Web Producer Bogdan Michka keeps you up to date on what’s new and exciting around AAPG.ORG and its subsites, with input from AAPG HQ staff including Datapages, GIS-UDRIL, Information Technology and more.

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The Honors and Awards programs provide a means for recognizing outstanding achievements and contributions by professional geologists, especially in the area of exploration for petroleum and energy mineral resources, and by other professionals who further the goals and objectives of the industry's science, profession, and this Association. The motivation toward scientific and professional achievement which such recognition stimulates is much to be desired.

Student Outlook

News and discussion geared toward AAPG’s Student Chapters and their members, maintained by the AAPG Programs Team.
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Students and young professionals in the LACR to submit proposals that focus on Sustainable Development projects in the energy field.


Foundation Update

Updates from the AAPG Foundation, brought to you by the AAPG Programs Team.

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The AAPG Foundation's 2019 Inspirational Geoscience Educator Award recipient, Brett Carpenter, was the Earth Science Week speaker at University of Tulsa's Geo Seminar. His research is a project that examines the elements that make pre-existing basement faults prone to earthquakes.

Energy Policy Blog

Dedicated to where the energy geosciences, public policy, politics, and business meet—both in the United States and abroad.

32851 Desktop /Portals/0/PackFlashItemImages/WebReady/blog-geodc-house-natural-resources-subcommittee-discusses-energy-development-and-the-mancos-shale-hero.jpg?width=100&h=100&mode=crop&anchor=middlecenter&quality=75amp;encoder=freeimage&progressive=true

The House Natural Resources Committee recently held a hearing to discuss energy development in the Mancos shale formation of the Piceance basin, which is a geographic area that spans Colorado and Utah and much of the resource is located on federal lands. The purpose of the hearing was to highlight the release of a recent U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) assessment which found that the Mancos shale has a large volume of recoverable energy resources.

EMD Blog

Stay up-to-date on EMD news, announcements and events, brought to you by the EMD leadership and AAPG HQ Staff. EMD supports technical program sessions at several of AAPG's meetings including the annual meeting, international meetings and section or region meetings.

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Looks like a great venue for a few EMD papers! Submission deadline is February 6!


CO2 CCS, Gas Storage, Geothermal

DEG Blog

Stay up-to-date on DEG news, announcements and events. DEG supports technical program sessions at several of AAPG's meetings including the annual meeting, international meetings and section or region meetings. Often, DEG members hear of symposia and workshops of interest to the DEG membership. These are included in this blog.

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Welcome to the December 2018 issue of DEG's Spheres of Influence, which is now available online or as a downloadable PDF file.


Stay up-to-date on PSGD news, announcements and events, brought to you by the PSGD leadership and AAPG HQ Staff.

37066 Desktop /Portals/0/PackFlashItemImages/WebReady/ellsworth-william.jpg?width=100&h=100&mode=crop&anchor=middlecenter&quality=75amp;encoder=freeimage&progressive=true

The AAPG Petroleum Structure and Geomechanics Division (PSGD) has announced the 2016 Best Paper Awards at the Annual Convention and Exhibition in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Congratulations to William L. Ellsworth, awarded "Best Recent Publication" for "Injection-induced earthquakes, Science, v. 341, DOI: 10.1126/science.1225942".

We thank everyone for nominating the candidates. We also thank Bob Krantz, Bob Hatcher, and Gary Couples for their diligent work on the PSGD Best Paper Committee.

Africa Region Blog

News and announcements from the Lagos office of the AAPG Africa Region, brought to you by Delia Kuye and friends.

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Under the Patronage of His Excellency Eng. Tarek El Molla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Egypt, AAPG Africa introduces the Eastern Mediterranean Mega-Basin: New Data, New Ideas, and New Opportunities GTW.

Asia Pacific Region Blog

News and announcements from the Singapore office of the AAPG Asia Pacific Region, brought to you by Adrienne Pereira and friends.

55864 Desktop /Portals/0/PackFlashItemImages/WebReady/Short-Course-by-Jon-Rotzien-hero.jpg?width=100&h=100&mode=crop&anchor=middlecenter&quality=75amp;encoder=freeimage&progressive=true
Jon Rotzien presents a 1-day course in Singapore on 21st Century Deep-water Clastic Reservoirs: Processes and Products.

Canada Region Blog

News and announcements from the AAPG Canada Region, brought to you by AAPG Headquarters staff.

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I was recently asked what motivates me to volunteer for the AAPG. At first, I thought of the many benefits the AAPG has to offer. Is it the access to renowned literature and technical resources? Perhaps. Is it the chance to network and grow in a community of like-minded individuals? Definitely a deciding factor. But the more I thought about it, I realized I volunteer to make an impact.

Europe Region Blog

News and announcements from the AAPG Europe Region, brought to you by the London Office staff.

55778 Desktop /Portals/0/PackFlashItemImages/WebReady/blog-er-HonorandAwards2020-hero.jpg?width=100&h=100&mode=crop&anchor=middlecenter&quality=75amp;encoder=freeimage&progressive=true

AAPG Europe would like to congratulate outstanding individuals who are devoted and passionate about Energy, Geology and sharing knowledge with others.

We are very pleased to announce the awards nomination is now open and will close on 7 February 2020. The awards will be distributed during the AAPG APPEX Global event, 3–5 March 2020, in London.

Latin America & Caribbean Region Blog

News and announcements from the Bogota office of the AAPG Latin America & Caribbean Region, brought to you by Emily Smith Llinás and friends.

56224 Desktop /Portals/0/PackFlashItemImages/WebReady/lacr-blog-January-2020-Region-Report-hero.jpg?width=100&h=100&mode=crop&anchor=middlecenter&quality=75amp;encoder=freeimage&progressive=true

AAPG LACR members hit the ground running in January, conducting activities throughout the region and launching AAPG’s first Sustainable Development in Energy Projects Contest for students and young professionals

Middle East Region Blog

News and announcements from the AAPG Middle East Region, brought to you by the Dubai Office staff.

56218 Desktop /Portals/0/PackFlashItemImages/WebReady/blog-mer-Rift-Basin-Evolution-2020-event-review-hero.jpg?width=100&h=100&mode=crop&anchor=middlecenter&quality=75amp;encoder=freeimage&progressive=true

AAPG’s Rift Basin Evolution and Exploration: The Global State of the Art and Applicability to the Middle East and Neighboring Regions GTW took place from 3-5 February 2020 at the InterContinental Regency Hotel in Bahrain. We welcomed 52 attendees from 19 different companies and 7 different countries.

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