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Statement on AAPG’s Professional Standards (sent to Members on June 10, 2020)

AAPG is a global organization that comprises a diverse, multi-racial, multi-cultural group of professionals and students, mainly connected by our love of the geosciences and respect for our profession.

Although AAPG’s primary purpose is to advance the geosciences, our Code of Ethics makes it clear that “the privilege of professional practice requires professional morality and professional responsibility.” Support for equality, diversity and inclusion and the rights of the individual are key elements of this. We welcome and support Black colleagues and oppose racism of any kind.

AAPG has a history of taking actions and promoting programs that express our key values and professionalism. These include global conferences, educational programs, AAPG Region activities, the Women’s Network (previously PROWESS) and many worldwide student activities. AAPG’s global IBA program emphasizes and demonstrates that diversity of thought and experience produces the most effective teamwork.

AAPG remains committed to promoting scientific and professional engagement that enhances and encourages diversity and inclusivity, and rejects discrimination.

Michael Party
AAPG President (2019-20)
Rick Fritz
AAPG President (2020-21)
Gretchen Gillis
AAPG President (2021-22)
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I joined AAPG initially as a recommendation from a family friend that encouraged me to use AAPG as a resource to learn more about the industry, to build my network of contacts, and to take the next step in my career path. Steve Brennan
AAPG is really fantastic in that it is a community of geoscientists. It allows people working in one specific play type the chance to connect with people working in other play types around the world. Don Yezerski
Congratulations on the excellent organization! Guillermo García, Array Technologies
A valuable experience. I learned a lot and made new contacts. Tim McCune, Bureau of Ocean & Energy Management
The International Conference and Exhibition is a great opportunity for international networking and learning what others are doing. ICE 2017 Exhibitor Survey Response
The URTeC show still holds the most value for content and contacts in sessions and on the exhibit floor. Microseismic Representative
Spectacular geology, a host of people willing to share their expertise, tremendous networking opportunities, and a fabulous community all sits right here at AAPG. Randi Martinsen
The meeting was very successful, and I made a lot of contacts, networking, and even good business. It was worthwhile to participate. Tomas Zapata, Vice President of Exploration, Repsol
I personally returned very satisfied with my participation. Matías DiBenedetto, YPF
AAPG to me is all about community and building relationship that are going to last the rest of my career. Scott Freeman

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American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)
American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)