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07 April, 2020 Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

Immersion into Shuaiba Formation to Maximize Production

6-7 April 2020
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
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The workshop will focus on the Aptian section of the Arabian Plate and will cover one of the main reservoirs in Thamama group (Shuaiba Formation). This part of the stratigraphic column is one of the most diverse regional stratigraphy which was likely the result of segmented basinal physiography during that time.

In several parts of the plate this section lies very moderate and drilling activity compared with other reservoirs which resulted in the very good data availability especially in well-structured areas. The section consists of known regional source (Bab member) and reservoir rocks (upper and lower Shuaiba).

Workshop Objectives

This workshop will enrich our knowledge in relation to regional and local geological commonalities and diversities. It will help in formulating and updating regional stratigraphic framework based on common stratigraphic and chronostratigraphic markers. The knowledge attained will enhance our ability to predict the source-reservoir-seal presence, its quality and distribution of the stratigraphic targets.

Benefits of Attending

Importantly, the workshop will expose the experience of exploring the stratigraphic traps from UAE, Oman and Saudi Arabia and best practices to develop it. Both oral and poster presentations make part of the workshop including presentations by invited keynote speakers. Additionally, core materials from various formations will be displayed and discussed. As the workshop will have a dedicated session on cores display from UAE, Petroleum Development Oman, and Saudi Aramco.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is intended for geologists, geophysicists, petrophysicists, reservoir engineers, academic researchers, and decision makers working on the exploration, appraisal and development of carbonate hydrocarbon reservoirs.


Immersion into Shuaiba Formation to Maximize Production – Call for Posters Ends on 05 March, 2020

You are invited to prepare a poster display for presentation. If you are interested in participating, please send a short abstract to by 5 March 2020. All posters will be produced as pull-up banners and delivered by AAPG. There will not be any other format available for poster display.

Poster Abstract Template

Session 1: Evolution of Exploration Strategies for Developing New Concepts

Discovery and delineation of the potential targets in the Aptian Shuaiba Reservoir has been historically focused on the prediction of the main Shuaiba build-ups and clinoforms, mainly along the margins of the Bab Intra-shelf Basin. However, several fields have reported hydrocarbon discoveries in different geological concepts, including hydrocarbon accumulation in lagoonal laterally continuous and uniform facies, hydrocarbon stratigraphically trapped in basinal and slope facies, hydrocarbon accumulation in diagenetically generated traps, and hydrocarbon redistribution around titled fluids contacts. These new geological concepts have had open the opportunity for new developments all over the region. This session aims to discuss how to untap the potential of the Aptian interval at different parts of the basin, reviewing the challenges of characterizing tight prospects and providing comprehensive understanding of trapping mechanisms, migration pathways, reservoir performance and fluid distribution.

Session 2: Delineation of Shuaiba Stratigraphic Clinoforms Boundaries

Traditionally the main reservoir target of exploration and development in the Shuaiba Formation across Oman and the UAE were the giant Early Aptian rudist build-ups fringing the Bab Basin. Over the past 20 years significant efforts have been made to define in more detail the prospective, offlapping clinoform geometries of the Late Aptian lowstand within the intrashelf Bab Basin. Exploration and Development of this play faces some key challenges. The clinoform reservoir units are thin, often at or below seismic resolution making their gross volume definition uncertain. Their vertical and lateral sealing geometries can be complex due to the interaction of multiple alternating reservoir and intraformational seals with the overlying regional unconformity. Water saturation estimation is a key uncertainty due to their stratigraphic trapping nature. Consequently, the definition of economic volumes coupled with an effective long-term development plan is particularly challenging in this Shuaiba Formation reservoir. This session aims to capture the current progress in the evaluation of the challenging Shuaiba Formation clinoform stratigraphic trap play – specifically new advances in the use of 3D seismic attributes to define boundaries, the use of logging tools and updates on regional syntheses.

Session 3: Maturing Shuaiba Stratigraphic Fields

The concepts behind developing field exploitation strategies are the primary objectives of this session fundamentally based on maturity of exploitation practices with high inclination towards secondary applications of hydrocarbon recovery methods in the Shuaiba producing fields. This session will focus on the importance of understanding the Shuaiba regional stratigraphy, lateral and vertical lithofacies variation and layering, as well as heterogeneity driven by structuration and diagenesis in predicting and evaluating the reservoir production performance.

Furthermore, this session aims to capture ongoing efforts to integrate geological and petrophysical aspects for the Shuaiba Reservoir rocks typing for more robust reservoir modeling.

Session 4: Best Practices and Technologies to Maximize Shuaiba Productivity

The speakers will focus on bridging the gaps between advancements in technologies, practices and the ever-growing challenges seen in Shuaiba Formation (e.g. drilling and completing wells through highly fractured and/or Karstified intervals). Capturing lessons learned through robust process timely is also an integral element toward successful drilling and completing to maximize production from Shuaiba Formation. This session provides an opportunity to share best practices in these areas, which could further improve efficiency management for Shuaiba production moving forward.


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