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2nd Edition: Maximizing Asset Value: Integrating Geoscience with Reservoir Management & Technologies Optimization

Monday, 22 February Thursday, 25 February 2021, 12:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.  |  Virtual Workshop via Zoom (Dubai, UAE time)

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What to Expect from the AAPG Virtual Experience:

Due to the ongoing travel restrictions and differing guidelines from companies and organizations, the AAPG Decision Based Integrated Reservoir Modeling GTW will now be taking place virtually from 1 – 4 February 2021 and then on-demand anytime, from anywhere, and from any device for the next 2 months. The workshop will provide the best opportunity to safely connect with industry colleagues and peers while travel restrictions, social distancing, and health concerns persist. The new dynamic all-digital platform makes it simple for you to access all the great science, networking, and technology to help you stay on the cutting edge of petroleum geoscience. Our businesses and industry are experiencing difficult times, but overcoming obstacles is what explorers do – so let’s do it together.

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The oil and gas industry supplies a market that has been volatile, more so in the last decade. Between competing suppliers, global financial troubles and a global pandemic, oversupply and erosion of demand have become mainstay. The industry needs to demonstrate that it can maintain the value creation proposition in the face of fluctuating hydrocarbon prices. Adopting new strategies to better characterize the subsurface, increase recovery, drive down development costs and maximize product value through the use of discipline integration, field optimization, as well as implementation of cutting-edge technologies is now a must for the industry. Subsurface to surface integration offers a better strategy when chasing new oil and gas resources with high cost and long development time or enhancing the performance of mature fields. Improvements in existing optimization workflows and practices in both conventional and unconventional field development will prove effective at driving down costs by utilizing multi-disciplinary approaches in the integration of processes.

The objective of the workshop to drive a further discussion of integration processes between geoscience, engineering, and technology deployment through examining the industry’s case studies across multiple disciplines. The workshop also aims to highlight the improvements made in the topic over the last two years across both conventional and unconventional field development.

The workshop will attract experts from various disciplines to talk and share their experience and knowledge in topics covering:

  • Subsurface to Surface Collaborative Planning and Integration
  • Field Optimization Lessons Applied to Conventional and Unconventional Fields
  • Exploring New Fields Versus Optimizing Existing Fields, a Cost Driven Discussion
  • Workflow and Technologies Advancement
Monday 22 February
12.30-12.40 Workshop Chair's Welcome and Introduction
12.40-12.55 Inaugural Keynote
Ahmed Hakami, Saudi Aramco
Session 1: Subsurface to Surface Collaborative Planning and Integration
12.55-13.20 TBC
Ali Habbtar, Saudi Aramco
13.20-13.45 Large Scale Production Planning and Optimization (LSPPO) Solution
Jose Antonio Rodriguez, Halliburton
13.45-13.55 Coffee Break
13.55-14.20 TBC
14.20-14.45 TBC
14.45-14.55 Coffee Break
14.55-15.55 Break Out Session
Tuesday 23 February
Session 2: Field Optimization Lessons Applied to Conventional and Unconventional Fields
12.30-12.55 TBC
Saudi Aramco
12.55-13.20 Multi-Disciplinary Framework to Optimize Development of Unconventional Resources
Tarun Grover & Irfan Ahmed,Equinor
13.20-13.30 Coffee Break
13.30-13.55 Key Technology of Geology-Engineering Integrated Stimulation for Deep Shale Gas
Jiang Tingxue,Sinopec
13.55-14.20 TBC
14.20-14.30 Coffee Break
14.30-15.30 Break Out Session
Wednesday 24 February
Session 3: Exploring New Fields Versus Optimizing Existing Fields, a Cost Driven Discussion
12.30-12.55 TBC
Leroy Ellis, Saudi Aramco
12.55-13.20 TBC
Babak Jafarizadeh, Heriot-Watt University
13.20-13.30 Coffee Break
13.30-13.55 Building the Reservoir Plumbing Diagram for Sabiriyah Mauddud: The Value of Dynamic/WRFM Data Integration for Geologically Sound Static Models
Ben Dewever, Shell
13.55-14.20 TBC
14.20-14.30 Coffee Break
14.30-15.30 Break Out Session
Thursday 25 February
Session 4: Workflow and Technologies Advancement
12.30-12.55 Geological Modelling in the Digital Era
Maher Marhoon, Saudi Aramco
12.55-13.20 TBC
Luis Quintero, Halliburton
13.20-13.30 Coffee Break
13.30-13.55 Agile Workflows for Asset Management – When is ‘Agile’ Truly ‘Agile’
Mark Bently, Heriot-Watt University
13.55-14.20 Use of Machine Learning for Reservoir Characterization from Drill Cuttings
Quentin Fisher, University of Leeds
14.20-14.30 Coffee Break
14.30-15.30 Break Out Session
15.30-15.45 Workshop Wrap Up & Adjournment
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Mohammad R. Mohanna Mohammad Mohanna Chair TS&ST Team Lead, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia
Ehab Abdul Rahman Najm Ehab Najm Committee Member Halliburton Energy Services Inc, United Arab Emirates
Mark Bentley Mark Bentley Committee Member Heriot-Watt University
Khalid A. Al-Ramadan Khalid Al-Ramadan Committee Member Associate Prof., King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia
Talal Al Aulaqi Talal Al Aulaqi Committee Member OXY Oman
Clay Kurison Clay Kurison Committee Member Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia
Pan  Luo Pan Luo Committee Member Geologist, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia
Adrian Crawford Adrian Crawford Committee Member Shell
Ke Ke Ke Ke Committee Member SINOPEC
Abdulkarim Ahmed Alali Abdulkarim Alali Committee Member Petrophysicist, Tatweer Petroleum Company, Bahrain
Cora Navarro Marketing & Events Officer, Middle East
Katie Steibelt Events Manager, Middle East
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