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Maturing Sustainable Solutions to Explore, Develop and Produce Oil and Gas Across the Guyana Suriname Basin

Wednesday, 17 January Thursday, 18 January 2024, 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.  |  Paramaribo, Suriname

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The AAPG Latin America & Caribbean Region and the SPE Suriname Section invite you to join us for Maturing Sustainable Solutions to, Explore, Develop and Produce Oil and Gas Across the Guyana Suriname Basin, an in-person technical symposium designed to facilitate learning, sharing, and open discussion among all attendees.

The two-day in-person only event features a series of technical presentations, panels, roundtable discussions and networking opportunities with industry leaders, government representatives and technical experts.

The symposium provides an ideal space for geologists, geophysicists, engineers, managers, and business development professionals to learn first-hand about recent activity and exploration opportunities in one of the world’s most prolific basins.

Wednesday, 17 January 2024
Plenary Sessions and Executive Panels

All Wednesday sessions take place in the Royal Ballroom unless otherwise noted

08:00-08:15 Opening Session
08:15-09:00 Morning Keynote
09:00-10:30 Global Exploration, Development and Decarbonization: How Guyana & Suriname Fit into the Big Picture
10:30-11:00 Coffee Break/Poster and Exhibition Visits
11:00–12:30 Operating Safely in Complex Environments
12:30-13:45 Networking Lunch
13:45-14:00 Poster Announcements
14:00-14:30 Afternoon Keynote
14:30-16:00 Global Gas Development and the Role of Hydrogen in the Energy Mix
16:00-16:30 Coffee Break/Poster and Exhibition Visits
16:30-18:00 The Impact of the Energy Transition on R&D in Oil & Gas Technologies
18:00-20:00 Networking Reception
Thursday, 18 January 2024
Technical Sessions
Regional Insights: Setting the Stage for Continued Exploration in the Guyana and Suriname Basin
Location: Royal Ballroom
08:10-08:15 Session Chair Introduction
08:15-08:35 Sediment Provenance and Routing through Time, Guyana Basin
Deron Saul (presenter), Uisdean Nicholson, Heriot-Watt University
08:35-08:55 A Novel High Resolution Equatorial Atlantic Stratigraphic Framework for the Guyana-Suriname Basin
Ashleigh Costelloe (presenter), Simon Cole, Jennie Bull, Jenny Sheppard, Claire Murphy; Biostrat JV Ltd.
08:55-09:15 Transpressional Ridge along Guyana-Suriname Basin: A Key Ingredient to Success
Mario Moreno-Vega (presenter), Tim Grow, Bill Kilsdonk; Hess Corporation
09:15-09:35 Suriname: A Seismic Facies Analysis of the Shallow Water – Base of Slope Paleo-Depositional Systems
Kyle Reuber (presenter), Milos Cvetkovic, Henri Houllevigue; TGS
09:35-10:00 Interactive Q&A with presenters and chairs
Data Science Applications
Location: Arcade Ballroom
08:10-08:15 Session Chair Introduction
08:15-08:35 Management of Oil, Gas and Mineral Resources using Digitalized Technology Solutions
Stanley Rich Wharton (presenter); Subsurface Imaging Company
08:35-08:55 Leveraging Machine Learning in Suriname Exploration
Pierre Jousselin (presenter); TotalEnergies
08:55-09:15 TBD
09:15-09:35 TBD
09:35-10:00 Interactive Q&A with presenters and chairs
10:00-10:40 Coffee Break/Poster and Exhibition Visits
Identifying and De-Risking Mass Transport Complexes
Location: Royal Ballroom
10:40-10:45 Session Chair Introduction
10:45-11:05 Seismic Methodologies for De-risking Mass Failure-Associated Plays in the Suriname Shallow Offshore West Area
Payal Gangaram-Panday1 (presenter), Lesli J. Wood2; 1Staatsolie; 2Colorado School of Mines
11:05-11:25 The Role of Mass Transport Deposits on Trap Formation in the Deepwater of the Suriname-Guiana Basin
Sharista Kisoensingh (presenter), Winita Ramdhiansing, Kimberly Sahoed; Staatsolie
11:25-11:45 Causes of Mass Transport Complexes (MTCs): Implications for the Guyana Basin
Deron Saul (presenter), Uisdean Nicholson, Heriot-Watt University
11:45-12:05 MTC/Reservoir Interactions in Suriname Block 58, a Double-Edged Sword for Exploration and Appraisal
Gwladys Gaillot (presenter); Apache and TotalEnergies
12:05-12:30 Interactive Q&A with presenters and chairs
Geophysical Applications Within the Guyana and Suriname Basin
Location: Arcade Ballroom
10:40-10:45 Session Chair Introduction
10:45-11:05 AVO Response Risks and Uncertainties Related to Sandstones Interbedded with Limestone Layers, Suriname-Guiana Basin
Maneesha Kisoensingh (presenter), Kimberly Sahoed; Staatsolie
11:05-11:25 Seismic Attribute Analysis for Late Cretaceous Reservoir Evaluation in the Suriname-Guiana Basin: Insights from Extended Elastic Impedance
Kimberly Sahoed (presenter), Mohamed Chandoe; Staatsolie
11:25-11:45 Suriname Block 59: Integrating Rock Physics, Basin Modeling and Full Wavefield Elastic Inversion to Characterize High Impedance Reservoirs
Kaushik Banerji (presenter), Ila Boley, Kesli Hooks, Matt Gregory, Heather McKeown, Alex Martinez, Ramesh Neelamani, Liz Lee; ExxonMobil
11:45-12:05 Suriname Upper Cretaceous Play: Seismic Amplitude Interpretation and its Challenges in Prospect De-Risking
Gabino Castillo (presenter), Fabien Riant; Apache and TotalEnergies
12:05-12:30 Interactive Q&A with presenters and chairs
12:30-13:45 Networking Lunch
13:45-14:00 Poster Announcements
Petroleum Systems: Recent Developments in Understanding Source, Seal, and Reservoir
Location: Royal Ballroom
14:00-14:05 Session Chair Introduction
14:05-14:25 Potential Source Rock Distribution in the Guiana Basin, Offshore Suriname
Ilaisha Goelaman (presenter), Sharista Kisoensingh; Staatsolie
14:25-14:45 Evaluation of Top Seal Capacity by Pseudo-Capillary Model in Suriname Offshore Basin
Sumangal Dasgupta, Mariah Harris, Zurriya Hayati Bt Hasnan (presenter), Ritchie Martua Simamora, PETRONAS
14:45-15:05 Highstand and Transgressive Systems of the Late Cretaceous Margin of the Western Shallow Offshore Suriname-Guyana Basin
Rageni Goli1 (presenter), Lesli J. Wood2; 1Staatsolie; 2Colorado School of Mines
15:05-15:25 Exploring Beyond the Upper Cretaceous Siliciclastic Play: Using Analogs and Seismic Data to Identify a Pre-ACT Source in Suriname
Luciana Tinker (presenter), Heather McKeown, Liz Lee, Byrdie Renik, Jeff Shoffner, Jennifer Shosa and Alex Martinez; ExxonMobil
15:25-15:50 Interactive Q&A with presenters and chairs
Reservoir Characterization and Recovery Methods
Location: Arcade Ballroom
14:00-14:05 Session Chair Introduction
14:05-14:25 Reservoir Characterization Workflow of a Discovered Reservoir, Offshore Suriname (Guiana Basin)
Shailesh R. Kisoensingh (presenter), Karuna S. Bhoendie; Staatsolie
14:25-14:45 From Innovation to Implementation: Redesigning a Second Cyclic Steam Stimulation Pilot for the Onshore Tambaredjo Field at Staatsolie, Suriname
Amresh Mohan1 (presenter), R. Bhajan1, W. Ashruf1, R. Mago2; 1Staatsolie, 2Dunia Solution Technology
14:45-15:05 Production Optimization of Mature Reservoirs through Analysis of Thin Bedded Pay; A Case Example from Offshore West Coast Trinidad
Warren J. Lall1 (presenter), Arden Burrowes1, Jason Frederick1, Rajiv Bridgelal1, Zorie Jones1, Alisa Kukharchuk2, Amer Hanif2, Oluwaseun Savage2, Mohammad A. Chohan2, Rishi Ramdhanie2; 1Heritage Petroleum Company Limited, 2Baker Hughes
15:05-15:25 TBD
15:25-15:50 Interactive Q&A with presenters and chairs
15:50-16:30 Coffee Break/Poster and Exhibition Visits
Sedimentary Processes Controlling Reservoir Distribution and Quality
Location: Royal Ballroom
16:30-16:35 Session Chair Introduction
16:35-16:55 Depositional Controls on Reservoir Distribution of Late Cretaceous Deepwater Sandstones Offshore Suriname, Guiana Basin
Sharista Kisoensingh (presenter), Arantxa Lieveld; Staatsolie
16:55-17:15 Origin, Evolution and Sediment Fill of the Late Cretaceous Shelf Incisions and Their Relationship to the Slope and Basin Floor, Offshore Suriname
Ilaisha Goelaman (presenter); Staatsolie
17:15-17:35 The Impact of Post-Depositional Processes on the Reservoir Quality of Deepwater Sandstones, Guiana Basin, Offshore Suriname
Arantxa Lieveld (presenter), Sharista Kisoensingh; Staatsolie
17:35-17:55 TBD
17:55-18:20 Interactive Q&A with presenters and chairs
18:30-19:30 Networking Reception
Maturing Sustainable Solutions to Explore, Develop and Produce Oil and Gas Across the Guyana Suriname Basin
Torarica Hotel Resort
Mr. L.J. Rietbergplein 1

The Torarica Group of Hotels, host of AAPG’s Suriname 2024 Technical Symposium, is pleased to confirm special rates to attendees

Torarica Hotel and Resort
Torarica Hotel Resort
Rooms Single/Double
Standard US$156.50 / US$179.50 per night
Executive US$191.50 / US$215.50 per night
Royal Torarica Hotel
Royal Torarica Hotel
Rooms Single/Double
Standard US$170.50/ US$193.50 per night
Deluxe US$215.50 / US$238.50 per night

*Note: Hotels are side by side in the same location.

Prices Include
  • Breakfast buffet
  • Tax
  • Service charge
  • Utility fee
  • Complimentary Wireless Internet in all rooms & public areas
  • Complimentary Hotel Toiletries
  • 1.5 liters of water daily
  • Free shuttle service from and to the international airport
  • One daily non-alcoholic or Alcoholic drink at the bar
  • 25% discount on massage
Reserve Accommodations

To make a reservation using the event rate, please contact [email protected] and mention code “AAPG”.

About Paramaribo

Paramaribo Suriname

Authentic cultures, an enchanting interior, and unique people from many different origins in one place: Paramaribo!

With a population of roughly 241,000 people, Paramaribo, a former 17th and 18th Century Dutch colonial town, is the capital and largest city of Suriname. Paramaribo’s historic center has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2002. Its buildings illustrate the gradual fusion of Dutch architectural influence with traditional local techniques and materials.

Enjoy this beautiful gem of a city while attending AAPG’s Suriname 2024 Technical Symposium!


Paramaribo Suriname

While the official language is Dutch, English is widely spoken and understood by most people in Suriname. You might also hear Sranantongo on the streets of Paramaribo, which is an English based creole language.


The average temperatures in Paramaribo in January range from 75°F (23°C) and 84°F (29°C), with 81% humidity. Visitors should drink water regularly to remain hydrated.


The Surinamese dollar (SRD) has been the currency of Suriname since 2004. $1 USD is equivalent to approximately $14.15 SRD.

In Paramaribo some of the ATMs will accept international credit and debit cards and dispense Surinamese Dollars. If you plan to exchange cash in Suriname, bring US dollars or Euros.

Things to Do
  • Visit the well-restored Fort Zeelandia
  • Marvel at works of art at Readytex Art Gallery
  • Discover the South American wildlife at Paramaribo Zoo
  • Visit the magnificent Neveh Shalom Synagogue
  • Spend some quality time with friends or family at the Palmentuin
  • Admire the Dutch architecture of the Presidential Palace of Suriname
  • Visit Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral
  • Take a boat tour of the Commewijne River
Visa and Health Regulations
Visa Information

Since July 2022, all travelers wishing to visit Suriname for Tourism purposes (for up to 90 days), are required to pay an Entry Fee ($25USD) to be admitted to the territory. Depending on your nationality, you might require a visa as well.

Please review the following link for eligibility: https://suriname.vfsevisa.com/suriname/online/home/who-can-apply-for-e-tourist-card

Health Information

COVID 19 and Yellow fever vaccinations are required for entry to Suriname. Vaccinations for Hepatitis A and B, Malaria, Measles, Rabies, and Typhoid are also widely recommended. Please check with your local embassy for further information.

Expires on
02 November, 3022
Professional Fee
Expires on
02 November, 3022
AAPG/SPE Member* Fee
Expires on
02 November, 3022
Program Presenter Fee
Expires on
02 November, 3022
One Day Only Fee
Expires on
02 November, 3022
University Faculty* Fee
Expires on
02 November, 3022
AAPG/SPE Emeritus Member Fee
Expires on
02 November, 3022
Exhibition Only** Fee
Expires on
02 November, 3022
Student Non-Member Fee
Expires on
02 November, 3022
Student Member* Fee


Registration fee includes workshop materials, coffee breaks and lunch both event days and a networking reception on January 17.

*Member rate applies to AAPG and SPE members who have paid their dues for the current fiscal year. University Faculty rates apply to individuals currently on staff at an academic institution. Registrants who select these rates may be asked to verify their membership or employment status.

**Exhibition Only registration includes access to the exhibition and poster area and coffee breaks both event days.


AAPG Latin America and Caribbean Region and the SPE Suriname Section invite you to support Maturing Sustainable Solutions to Explore, Develop and Produce Oil and Gas Across the Guyana Suriname Basin. A multidisciplinary technology symposium bringing leading scientists and industry practitioners together to share best practices, exchange ideas and explore opportunities for future collaboration.

Sponsorship provides your company with high visibility among the industry, government, and academic specialists attending the event, as well as to the global audience visiting the event website.

Exhibiting at the symposium provides the opportunity to interact directly with individuals at the event in Paramaribo. Exhibiting companies receive a discounted price on symposium registrations and can choose from a variety of stand sizes and prices.

To confirm sponsorships and/or exhibit space, please complete and return the Sponsorship Commitment Form and Stand Reservation Form.

Contact [email protected] for questions or additional information.

Sponsorship Commitment Form

Stand Reservation Form

Patrick Loys Brunings Patrick Brunings General Co-Chair Offshore Exploration & Non-Operated Ventures Asset Manager, Staatsolie Company Suriname N.V., Suriname
Liz Lee Liz Lee General Co-Chair Geoscience Manager, Suriname Operations, ExxonMobil, USA
Paul  Riley Paul Riley Organizing Committee Guyana & Suriname Exploration Manager, ExxonMobil, USA
Victor H. Vega Victor Vega Organizing Committee AAPG LACR Corporate Advisor, Frontera Energy, USA
Clyde Purcy Griffith Clyde Griffith Organizing Committee G&G Specialist, AAPG Delegate - Suriname, Suriname
Amelia van Kallen Amelia van Kallen Organizing Committee Reservoir Engineer SPE Suriname Section, Staatsolie, Suriname
Amresh Mohan Amresh Mohan Organizing Committee Spe Suriname Section IOR/EOR Program Manager/ Upstream Onshore, Staatsolie, Suriname
Xavier Ravi Moonan Xavier Moonan Organizing Committee Exploration Manager AAPG LACR President, Touchstone Exploration, Trinidad and Tobago
Bryan  Cronin Bryan Cronin Organizing Committee Principal Geologist, Tullow Oil, UK
Andrew Hepburn Andrew Hepburn Organizing Committee Country Chair Suriname, Shell, Suriname
Douglas Francis Goff Douglas Goff Organizing Committee Exploration Manager - Suriname & Colombia, Chevron, USA
Ikechukwu Nwamordi Ikechukwu Nwamordi Organizing Committee Manager Business, Development/Government Relations, TotalEnergies
Sharista Deysha Kisoensingh Sharista Kisoensingh Organizing Committee Deepwater Exploration Team Lead, Staatsolie, Suriname
Zamri Baseri Zamri Baseri Organizing Committee Suriname Country Manager, Petronas, Malaysia
Tim Chapman Tim Chapman Session Chair Exploration Director Guyana-Suriname, Hess Corporation, USA
Emily Smith Llinás AAPG Latin America & Caribbean Region Director
Diana Ruiz Vásquez AAPG Latin America & Caribbean Region Events Manager
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