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Southeast Caribbean and Guiana Basins: Recent Studies and Advances in Understanding the Geology of Barbados, Guyana, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela

Occurred Thursday, 17 September Friday, 18 September 2020, 7:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.  |  Virtual Research Symposium via Zoom (Bogota, Colombia time)

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Join us for the AAPG Latin America and Caribbean Region’s Southeast Caribbean-Guiana Basins Virtual Research Symposium! We will dive into and explore the amazing geology of this corner of the region, from the accretionary prism of Barbados to the fold belts of Trinidad & Tobago and over to the tepuis of the Guiana Shield, from mesoscale to microscale, ore mining to massive deep-water hydrocarbon discoveries. Join us on this epic geological adventure!

The technical program includes a series of keynote talks and technical presentations covering the tectonic setting, basin analysis, geophysical interpretation, play assessment, sedimentology and stratigraphy of the Southern Caribbean and Guiana Basins.

The symposium also features a special sustainability session on sustainability provided by executives from global energy award-winner Belize Natural Energy. The panel is open to everyone, even individuals who are not attending the Symposium. Please see additional information below.

Lunch and Learn Panel Discussion with Belize Natural Energy
Date and time:
Friday, September 18, 11:15 am – 12:00 pm CDT
Included with symposium registration
$15 for individuals not participating in the symposium


In the current climate, energy companies are accountable to shareholders, investors and government leaders for how their actions affect the people and environment in countries where they operate.

Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations and Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) criteria are key components of risk analysis and are crucial to securing investment and attracting top quality personnel.

Just how can companies make ESG and SRI a part of their practice and not only survive but thrive in a new global economy? Find out in a panel discussion with executives from Belize Natural Energy (BNE), an award-winning company whose holistic business model transformed a country and set the standard for sustainable development.

Belize Natural Energy Ltd was born from the vision to make a sustainable and empowering difference in Belize .

In addition to discover first oil, BNE has been the number one revenue generator in the country for more than 10 years. The company forged a unique partnership based on the New Holistic Business Model with the United Arab Emirates and has received the Green Award, Employees of the Year Award and the Global GetEnergy Educational Award for bringing the Sustainable Educational Model to the people of Belize.

During this special session, BNE executives will share the steps they have taken over the past 15 years to develop a model company that is drawing global attention.

Register for the session to hear their story.

Susan Morrice Susan Morrice Co Founder and Chair BNE Ltd
Marlowe Neal Marlowe Neal CEO of BNE Ltd
Albert Garcia Albert Garcia Chair BNE Trust
Sharon Roberts Sharon Roberts Director of Special Projects
Thursday, 17 September – Morning Session

Welcome and Introductions

Clyde Griffith, Suriname Ministry of Natural Resources
Xavier Moonan, Touchstone Exploration, Technical Program Chairs
Elvira Pureza Gomez, AAPG Latin America & Caribbean Region President

Convener: Brian W. Horn, Cairn Oil and Gas

Keynote: Mesozoic–Cenozoic Tectonic Setting of the Greater Trinidad–Guianas Continental Margin, NE South America

James Pindell, Tectonic Analysis Ltd. (presenter), Kyle Reuber, ION


Tectonic Evolution of Sedimentary Basins Around the Arcuate Southeastern Margin of the Caribbean Plate

Tricia Alvarez, Heritage Petroleum Limited (presenter); Paul Mann, University of Houston; Lesli Wood, Colorado School of Mines


Constraints on the Exhumation of the Northern Range, Trinidad Through RSCM

Ivano Gennaro (presenter), Xu Chu, University of Toronto; John Weber, Grand Valley State University; Alberto Vitale Brovarone, Università degli studi di Torino and Institut de Minéralogie, des Physique de Matériaux et de Cosmochimie; Jeannette Arkle, Augustana College




Neogene Paleostress And Structural Evolution of Trinidad: Rotation, Strain Partitioning, and Strike-Slip Reactivation of an Obliquely-Colliding Thrust Belt

Paul Mann (presenter), J.C. Hippolyte, University of Houston


Exploring the Ortoire Syncline, Southern Basin, Trinidad

Xavier Moonan (presenter), Connie McLaren, Lynn Anderson, Touchstone Exploration


Effects of Subducting Bathymetric Highs on Variations in the Wedge Taper Angles of the Barbados Accretionary Prism

Bryan Moore (presenter), Paul Mann, University of Houston


Session wrap-up, Q&A with all presenters

Thursday, 17 September – Afternoon Session

Lunch & Learn Virtual Field Trip

A Virtual Traverse of Onshore Southern Basin, Trinidad Along SBC 2D Seismic Line TD91-177

Xavier Moonan, Senior Geoscientist, Touchstone Exploration

Convener: Benjamin Kirkland, CNOOC International

Keynote: “Turning to the Right" in the COGS (Columbus-Orinoco-Guyana-Suriname) Basins: Digging into their Gross Architecture, Filling and Hydrocarbon Generation Stories

William Dickson (presenter), DIGs; Mark E. Odegard, GrizGeo LLC


The Petroleum System of the Guiana Basin, Guyana and Suriname

Andrew Pepper (presenter), Lara Heister, This !s Petroleum Systems LLC; Chris Yarbrough, Belmont Technology Inc.


Source Rock and Petroleum Geochemical Analysis of the Southeastern Caribbean and Guiana Basin

Luis Miguel Bernardo, Petroleum Exploration Consultants Americas




Guyana-Suriname Offshore Hydrocarbon System: Additional Thoughts on the Albian to Coniacian Play

Peter Bartok, Bartok Inc. (presenter); Simon Oropeza, Independent Consultant; Charles Campbell, Accel Services Inc.


Structure, Stratigraphy, and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Easternmost Part of the Eastern Venezuela Basin

Karilys Castillo (presenter), Paul Mann, University of Houston


Potential For Hydrocarbons in Older Reservoirs in Southern Trinidad

Krishna Persad, Krishna Persad and Associates Limited


Session wrap-up, Q&A with all presenters


Virtual Networking Session and Trivia Contest

Hosted by Shenille Samlal, AAPG Trinidad & Tobago YP Chapter President and Rhadima Bisai, AAPG Suriname YP Chapter President

Friday, 18 September – Morning Session

Welcome and Introductions


AAPG Activities in the Latin America and Caribbean Region

Elvira Pureza Gómez, AAPG Latin America and Caribbean Region President

Convener: Stanley Wharton, Subsurface Imaging

Keynote: Crustal Structure of the Ranger Discovery Based on the Integration of High-Resolution Seismic with 2-1/2 & 3-Dimensional Gravity and Magnetic Modeling

Mark Longacre, MBL, Inc.


Using a Regional Gravity Model to Define the Crustal Setting of Recent, Giant Oil Discoveries in Guyana And Suriname

Mei Liu (presenter), Paul Mann, University of Houston


Advanced Seismic Processing in Deep Water Environments, Exploration Uplifts

Ranvir Soenessardien, Staatsolie




Guyana Suriname Basin: Exploration Past, Brilliant Present and Promising Future of a New World Class Basin

Max A. Torres, Plata Energy


Petroleum System Assessment of Trinidad Tobago, Barbados and Suriname Area based on Crude Oil, Gas and Piston Core Data

Craig Schiefelbein (presenter), James Brooks, David Stansbury, Zvi Sofer, Adolpho Requejo, Geochemical Solutions International, Inc.


New Seismic Fitness Attribute: Unbiased AI/ML Derived Paleo Geomorphology/Facies

Anthony Aming, Seisnetics (presenter); Ibraheem Ali, PetroCom Technologies


Session wrap-up, Q&A with all presenters


Lunch and Learn Panel with Belize Natural Energy (BNE)
The Public Private Partnership of the Future …. Today! Sustainability in Harmony and Balance with the Planet

Susan Morrice - Co Founder and Chair BNE Ltd; Marlowe Neal - CEO of BNE Ltd; Albert Garcia - Chair BNE Trust; Sharon Roberts - Director of Special Projects

Friday, 18 September – Afternoon Session
Convener: John B. Wagner, Pluspetrol

Keynote: Risk Analysis of Deep Water Stratigraphic Traps

Vitor Abreu, ACT Geosciences


Guyana-Suriname Deep Water Hydrocarbon System, Three Rivers and Two Source Rocks

Ken Nibbelink (presenter), Dick Boyce, Mosab Nasser and John Boyce, JHI Associates, Inc (BVI)


Revisiting Mass-Transport Complexes and Associated Process in the Offshore area of Trinidad and Venezuela after 14 years of Publishing! What’s New and Relevant for the New Boom in the Region?,

Lorena Moscardelli, Equinor




Stratigraphic and Radiometric Evidence for the Oligocene Emergence of the Southern Lesser Antilles Volcanic Arc Between the Grenada and Tobago Basins

Jacob Miller (presenter), Paul Mann, The University of Houston


Unravelling the Influence of Tectonics on Sediment Distribution and the Changing Clinoform Geometry of the Orinoco River Delta’s Late Miocene deposits, the Cruse Formation, Trinidad

Ariana Osman (presenter), Ryan Ramsook, The University of the West Indies; Ron J. Steel, Cornel Olariu, The University of Texas at Austin; Si Chen, China University of Geosciences


Using Rock-Based Sedimentology & Petrography to Distinguish and Predict Problematic Non-Reservoir Facies, Offshore Suriname-Guyana

Luisa Man (presenter), Simon Greenfield, Anne McAfee, Tom Wilson, Core Laboratories UK


Session wrap-up, Q&A with all presenters




Panel Discussion: Current Activity and Exploration Potential in Southeastern Caribbean and Guiana Basins

Javed Razack, Director of Contracts, Proposals and New Ventures, Ramps Logistics Ltd.
Neil Evans, Practice Lead Exploration Excellence, BHP
Katy Henderson-Moses, Greater Cassia Area Manager for Reservoir Development, BP Trinidad & Tobago
James Shipka, Chief Operating Officer, Touchstone Exploration
Ryan Ramsook, Petroleum Geoscience Coordinator and Researcher, University of the West Indies;
Randy Hiscock, Business Development and Managing Director, Bahamas Petroleum
Brian Glover, Vice President Offshore, Staatsolie
Ken Nibbelink, Vice President Exploration, JHI Americas
Kevin Ramnarine, Energy Consultant, Guyana Local Content Committee
Xavier Ravi Moonan Xavier Moonan Technical Program Chair AAPG Latin America and Caribbean Region Vice President, Touchstone Exploration, Trinidad Tobago
Clyde Purcy Griffith Clyde Griffith Technical Program Chair AAPG Latin America and Caribbean Region Delegate, Ministry of Natural Resources in Suriname, Suriname
Radhima Bisai Radhima Bisai Committee Member AAPG Suriname YP Chapter President, Mining and Geology Department of Ministry of Natural Resources, Suriname
Brian Wilson Horn Brian Horn Convener Exploration Manager , Hatteras Energy Group, USA
Benjamin T. Kirkland Benjamin Kirkland Convener Petroleum Systems Geologist, CNOOC International, USA
Varendra Rambaran Varendra Rambaran Committee Member AAPG Latin America and Caribbean Region Delegate, Trinidad & Tobago, BHP, Trinidad Tobago
Shenille Teesha Samlal Shenille Samlal Committee Member AAPG Trinidad & Tobago YP Chapter President, Trinidad Tobago
John Barclay Wagner, PhD John Wagner Convener Global Exploration Manager, Pluspetrol, Uruguay
Stanley Rich Wharton Stanley Wharton Convener President, Principal Consultant, Subsurface Imaging, Trinidad Tobago
Emily Smith Llinás AAPG Latin America & Caribbean Region Manager
Diana Ruiz Vásquez AAPG Latin America & Caribbean Region Events Coordinator

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