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Geologists, Geophysicists and Petroleum Engineers working on deep water reservoirs from exploration to production.

This course emphasizes key changes in reservoir models that have a major impact in exploration and production of these reservoirs. The course will include lectures, exercises, and observations from cores, well logs and seismic profiles. Participants will learn how to interpret and map environments of deposition (EoD’s) in deep water systems and understand how the different EoD’s and sub-EoD’s behave as reservoirs. Engineering data will also be used to demonstrate how to improve prediction of reservoir performance. Cores, well-logs and seismic examples will be used to compare and contrast with core information to help participants to link the 1-D core information to 3-D views of reservoir-scale depositional systems. The class will also review the evolution of concepts in deep water models, emphasizing recent approaches that integrate experimental and numerical models, quaternary analogues and ultra-high resolution data. Resulting new depositional models have strong impact from exploration to production scales.

Course Content
  • Interpretation and mapping techniques for cores, well-logs and seismic lines in DW settings from Exploration to Production business scales
  • Interpret environments of deposition (EoDs) and related reservoir architecture, lithofacies associations and diversity
  • Learn about the different EoDs in deep water that can generate reservoir-scale, sand-rich systems
  • Learn how to recognize the different EoDs and sub-EoDs in seismic, well logs and cores and outcrops
  • Evaluate reservoir geometry and connectivity in different EoDs, integrating with production data
  • Review deep water lithofacies and nomenclature, common lithofacies associations and interpret lithofacies in cores
  • Trap configurations and risk assessment for DW stratigraphic traps
Reservoir Characterization of Deep Water Systems - Impact from Exploration to Production
Georgetown, Guyana - Marriott Hotel
Block Alpha, Battery Road Kingston
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