22 June, 2023 Lisbon Açores Portugal

Mixed/Hybrid Systems (Turbidite, MTDs and Contourites) on Continental Margins

F. Javier Hernández-Molina, Karyna Rodriguez & Neil Hodgson

21-22 June 2023
Lisbon, Portugal

Sediment gravity flows and along-slope bottom currents (contourites) are the two main deep-water sedimentary processes shaping the continental margins and controlling the stacking patterns of their sedimentary successions. Depending on which one of these processes dominates, either a pure mass transport deposit (MTD), turbiditic or contourite depositional systems develop. But, when these processes interact each other, a hybrid or mixed depositional systems are generated. These hybrid systems are characterized by a wide spectrum dominated by either along- or down-slope processes forming morphological features and deposits which deviate away from end-member models. These hybrid systems have only just been recently identified but due to their economic importance proven by recent significant discoveries (Coral and Mamba Fields, Mozambique and Jubilee Field, Ghana) they have begun to be studied in more detail.

Examples of hybrid / mixed depositional systems have been described in the offshore of Mozambique, Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina and Antarctica. In spite of these examples and their importance, there is a lack of knowledge about these systems themselves and the nature of processes interaction at the base of their origin. Similarly, the role of bottom-currents in the redistribution and reworking of deep-water sediments forming contourite systems, has been clearly underestimated. The diagnostic criteria to identify them at the facies and seismic scales in relation to sediment gravity flows deposits is still missing and the paleoceanographic implications are unknown. The interaction of processes promotes the deposition of clean sandstone deposits as a result of vigorous bottom currents, or due to the reworking of overspill sediments in both canyons/channels and inter-channel areas, which have renewed interest and attention from both academia and the exploration industry which should result in providing insights into a great future exploration opportunity.


This 2-day conference aims to bring together diverse experts working on modern and ancient turbidite, MTDs, contourite and hybrid/mixed systems in order to improve the present-day knowledge, models and predictive power. Sessions will include the following themes:

  • Mass transport processes & deposits
  • Turbidite processes & deposits
  • Bottom current processes & deposits (including bottom-current reworked sands, BCRS)
  • Hybrid / mixed depositional systems
  • Synchronous vs asynchronous interactions
  • Numerical models & tank experiments
  • Ichnological analysis of turbidite, MTDs, contourite and hybrid / mixed deposits
  • Data integration & multidisciplinary analysis
  • Implications on hydrocarbon exploration
Invited talks
  • Gravitational processes and deposits, Ben Kneller (Univ. Aberdeen, UK)
  • Bottom current processes and deposits and their conceptual and economic implications, Adriano Viana (Petrobras, Brazil)
  • Mixed systems, Nicole J. Bayliss / Juan Fedele (ExxonMobil, Houston, USA)
  • A new classification system for mixed (turbidite-contourite) depositional systems: examples, conceptual models and diagnostic criteria for modern and ancient records, Sara Rodrigues (RHUL, UK)
  • Implication of Mixed system on HC exploration, Marco Fonnesu (ENI, Italy)
  • Ichnological analysis: a tool for characterizing deep-marine sedimentary systems, Francisco J. Rodriguez-Tovar (Univ. Granada, Spain)



Lisbon, Portugal
Lisbon, Portugal Lisbon, Portugal New Date 56182

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F Javier Hernandez-Molina F Javier Hernandez-Molina Co-Chair Royal Holloway University of London, UK
Neil Hodgson Neil Hodgson Co-Chair VP Geoscience, Searcher Seismic, UK
Karyna Rodriguez Karyna Rodriguez Co-Chair VP Global New Ventures, Searcher Seismic, UK
Emiliano Mutti, PhD Emiliano Mutti Committee Member University of Parma, Italy
Adriano Roessler Viana Adriano Viana Committee Member Strategic Partnerships Initiative Leader, Petrobras Exploration Academy, Brazil
Joris Eggenhuisen Joris Eggenhuisen Committee Member University of Utrecht, The Netherlands
Francois Raisson Francois Raisson Committee Member TOTAL, France
Ashley Clarke Ashley Clarke Committee Member BP, UK
Giancarlo Davoli Giancarlo Davoli Committee Member Global Geology Advisor, ENI, Italy
Juan Fedele Juan Fedele Committee Member ExxonMobil UIS, USA
Jon R. Rotzien Jonathan Rotzien Committee Member President, Basin Dynamics LLC, USA
David C. Mosher David Mosher Committee Member University of New Hampshire, Canada
Ricardo Pereira Ricardo Pereira Committee Member Researcher, PhD, PARTEX Oil and Gas & Instituto Dom Luiz, Portugal
Gil  Machado Gil Machado Committee Member Tecnhical Director, Chronosurveys Lda & Instituto Dom Luiz, Portugal


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