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4th AAPG Geothermal Cross-Over Workshop

Harvesting the Technical, Environmental and Commercial Synergies Between the O&G and Geothermal Sectors
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Although years of subsurface experiences are available for the fast-growing geothermal sector, real-life examples of true cross-fertilization that exceed good neighborliness are limited. For one is the subsurface (play) leading, while for the other the surface (demand) is leading. It is a difference of local markets in comparison to a huge world market. And the budgets available and the revenue streams are incomparable, as well as the economic lifetimes, whilst the risk exposure is comparable.

But despite the differences, the close collaboration is critical to enable the achievement of ambitious sustainable heating and electricity supply objectives. We believe that from a more integrated development, operation and collaboration, we can both preserve and create more societal, economical, technical and commercial value.

The continued changing global energy supply and demand landscape observed over the last 10 years, is currently leading to an unprecedented rethinking of energy industry priorities and long-term strategies. The need for improving the knowledge and technology transfer are sometimes recognized, but mostly not acted upon. In the field of exploration, development, production and abandonment the opportunities and synergies – although not yet widely valorized – are present and are the topics of our workshop.

Discussing and sharing experiences, best practices and knowledge on how to get the best from both the O&G sector and the geothermal sector, in order to both accelerate and improve the quality of the geo-energy transition, are the goals of a 3 half-day workshop organized by the AAPG and IGA , virtually during the 6th - 8th April 2021.

The workshop will offer an open forum to integrate two geo-energy communities where technical, environmental, social and business aspects associated with geo-energy exploration, development and production activities will be presented and discussed. The workshop will evolve around a 3 half day program where each session will start with a Keynote presentation followed by a series of talks which will provide the basis for in depth discussion during a panel discussion that will close each day. All with the purpose of coming to a final take-away: which opportunities should be redeemed, which synergies should be nurtured and which bridges are still to be build?

Tuesday 6 April 2021
Session 1: Technical synergies
14:00 - 14:20 Welcome / keynote
Ann Robertson-Tait | Schlumberger
14.25 - 14.45 From Large to Local Scale Geothermal Exploration With Geophysical Methods
Nicolas Salaun | CGG
14.50 - 15.10 De-risk Geothermal - Building on Existing Knowledge
Lorenz Ueing |CLEAG
15.15 - 15:35 Key Similarities and Differences between Deep Geothermal and E&P Drilling
Eric van Oort | Austin University of Texas
15.40 - 16:15 Panel and Q&A
Moderators: Friso Veenstra
Wednesday 7 April 2021
Session 2: Societal synergies
14:00 - 14:20 Welcome / keynote
Alexander Richter | Think GeoEnergy
14.25 - 14.45 Conversion of Hydrocarbon Wells to Geothermal Heat Supply: An On-Shore UK Example
Ryan Law | GEL
14.50 - 15.10 Stakeholder mgt/Social risk mgt
Thomas Jahrfeld | Stadtwerken Munich
15.15 - 15:35 Offshore Geothermal (not in my backyard)
Geir Hagalinsson | North Tech Energy
15.40 - 16:15 Panel and Q&A
Moderators: Thijs Boxem
Thursday 8 April 2021
Session 3: Business synergies
14:00 - 14:20 Welcome / keynote
Nick Cameron | BP
14.25 - 14.45 O&G companies and geothermal
Jeroen van Duin | Shell Geothermal
14.50 - 15.10 Portfolio approach
Eveline Rosendaal | EBN
15.15 - 15:35 Project financing
Ian Cogswell | Portland Advisers & CCC Training
15.40 - 16:15 Panel and Q&A
Moderators : Eilaard Hoogerduijn Strating and Nick Cameron
Marta Diaz Events Manager
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