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Multi-Criteria Geothermal Resource Assessment: From Play Analysis to Sustainability Evaluation


Occurred Wednesday, 3 November 2021, 4:00 p.m.–8:00 p.m.  |  Virtual Short Course via Zoom (Singapore, Singapore time)

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Who Should Attend

Members of the Hydrocarbon industry, Consultants and Students.


Upon completion of this course attendees should be able to:

  • Understand what the requirements are for an accurate geothermal resource assessment
  • Understand how O&G approaches can be transfered and adapted to geothermal projects
  • Explore how subsurface play elements have impacts on sustainabilty resource assessment criteria:
    • Develop a multi-scale approach for geothermal resource assessment
    • Identify the optimal geothermal solution according to the energy system configuration
    • Understand how geoscientists can deliver results for a broad sustainabilty assessment of geothermal resources

Attendees familiar with Play fairway analysis will have the opportunity to understand how standard approaches applied in the O&G industry can be adapted to geothermal resource assessment in a sustainability perspective.

  • Types of Geothermal Plays
  • Geothermal resources assessment methods
  • Integration of resrouce assessment and energy system configuration
  • Geothermal Sustainability indicators and correlation to subsurface assessment
Course Content

Geothermal resources can be identified in a large variety of geologic settings, they generate from different types of play and provide a broad spectrum of applications. Power generation covers a large portion of the geothermal market and is gradually transitioning from magmatic regions to sedimentary basins. Geothermal Heat and Cooling applications is rapidly expanding in many regions of the world (i.e. Europe), in particular in sedimentary basins where the majority of the global energy demand is concentrated. Therefore it becomes crucial, also for geoscientists, to combine subsurface characterization and resource assessment and energy system evaluation to identify the potential areas of interest and the uncertainties that will impact the decision making process for industrial geothermal projects.

Luca Guglielmetti
Adrienne Pereira Programs Manager, AAPG Asia Pacific Region
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