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Oil and Gas Fields of the 22nd Century: The Quest for Economic and Environmental Sustainability on Continental Margins

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Economic oil and gas fields have been increasingly found in deep-water continental margins for the past decade, where potential prospects record the key tectonic events associated with plate breakup and continental drift. In these regions, the exploitation of economic resources must take into account sustainable practices and environmental concerns of local populations.

This talk will present case studies from multiple continental margins to then extrapolate major findings to basins in SE Asia. Crucial geological aspects of Asian continental margins also found in other parts of the world, include:

  1. Syn-rift strata that are strikingly thicker on new seismic data, and presumed older than previously assumed when interpreting vintage seismic profiles
  2. An important control of basement type and fabric on tectonic subsidence and subsequent margmatism
  3. The need to manage the presence of important volumes of volatiles (NSOs), leading to combined hydrocarbon production and CO2 injection techniques in many a prospects.

Examples of key prospects from the South Atlantic (SE Brazil), Equatorial Atlantic (N Brazil), NW Australia (Timor Sea) will be compared with Asian cases studies from the South China Sea, Japan and Pakistan. The talk will finish with examples of environmental studies in the Levantine Basin that are of interest to the management of oil spills and floating debris throughout the Asian continent.

Join us for this free webinar over Zoom on 10 September 2020 at 15:00 Singapore time (GMT+8).

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Tiago Alves
Adrienne Pereira Programs Manager, AAPG Asia Pacific Region
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