AAPG Asia Pacific Presents GeoLatinas!

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

A 60-90 minute free webinar presented by Latinas in Earth and Planetary Sciences on "GeoLatinas Beyond Borders: Multidisciplinary and Multiscale Careers in Industry and Academia".

The under-representation of women in science and engineering is a reality and, although recent efforts have been made, gender balance has not yet been achieved. Moreover, this problem is exacerbated in the case of women of mixed heritage or from developing countries, who are rarely represented in leadership positions in academia and industry.

GeoLatinas leaders from around the world and representing a wide range of disciplines, have overcome barriers such as stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination to belong to and thrive in the geosciences. We will showcase a range of technical profiles, highlighting a variety of data sources, temporal and spatial scales, objectives, workflows and the impact of each discipline on academia, industry and our communities.

We work with and integrate data at various spatial and temporal scales to investigate the earth, explore and produce resources, and solve industry challenges. Integrating data from all scales is relevant for executing research ideas and informed business decisions. From crustal deformation analysis, sedimentary basin evolution, to reservoir and fluid characterization, in this team presentation we will illustrate the value of multiscale data integration and workflows that leverage successful research and multidisciplinary projects in industry.

Keep you calendar free for this panel discussion on 22 April!

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