Advanced Petroleum Systems Analysis in the Asia Pacific Region

Keynote Speakers Announced for Asia Pacific Region Workshop

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

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Traditional geochemical and basin analy sis has significantly progressed in recent times and is now more about the integration of various data types and techniques towards a holistic petroleum systems analysis, rather than traditional burial history and modelling of migration pathways. 

New source rocks, mainly non-marine, have been identified in the Asia Pacific region using these integrated analyses and techniques, both onshore and offshore. Additionally, there has been a rise of primary biogenic gas, a resource in the area, and such systems require a fundamental shift in charge analysis process from the more conventional thermogenic systems.

With the abundance of new data from wells, logs, cores, seismic, and geochemical analysis, big data offers the potential to make petroleum systems analysis a better predictor of the presence of hydrocarbons.

Advanced Petroleum Systems Analysis in the Asia Pacific Region: New Technology and Application will focus on advances made in petroleum systems analysis as a predictor of hydrocarbon presence, new technology and applications, and future directions of this essential geological tool.

Confirmed keynote speakers to date include:

Dr. Andrew

Director, Murray Partners PPSA 

 “Oil vs. Gas in Australia — Occurrence and Basic Controls"

Dr. Keyu 

Chair Professor, School of Geosciences University of Petroleum 

“Coupled Stratigraphic and Petroleum System Modeling: Examples from the Ordos Basin, China"

Dr. Julien

Senior Research Scientist, Fluid Inclusion, Geofluids, Oil & Gas, CSIRO Energy Petroleum Systems Team Leader 

 “The Fluid Inclusions Techniques in Petroleum Systems Analysis, The Australian Experience"

Dr. Michael A.

 Visiting Professor, Faculty of Engineering, Imperial College London 

 “The Impact of Migration and External Contribution in Liquid Rich Unconventional Resource Production: Geochemical Evaluation of Produced Oil and Gas Samples from the Southern Anadarko Basin Oklahoma Woodford Shale Play"

Professor Kliti

 Professor and Founding Director, WA-Organic and Isotope Geochemistry Centre, Curtin University 

“Microbial Mayhem During Mass Extinction Events"

Submit your abstract by 30 September 2020 for these tentative sessions:

  1. New source rock paradigms in the Asia Pacific region
  2. Occurrence and prediction of oil vs. gas using bulk fluid properties and geochemistry as a predictive exploration tool
  3. Fluid-source rock correlation via geochemical inversion of fluids: case studies
  4. Simulating hydrocarbon migration: case studies and impact on charge risking
  5. Primary biogenic gas systems in the Asia Pacific
  6. Applications of big data and machine leaning/artificial intelligence in petroleum systems analysis
  7. Occurrence and prediction of non-hydrocarbon gas content in reservoir fluids

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