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Asia Pacific region hosts Geosciences Technology Workshop together with EAGE

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

High CO2, High Contaminant Challenging Fields and Alternative Energy - Impact and Monetization - Call for Abstracts Ends on 30 April, 2020, this joint AAPG/EAGE event wil be held in Ipoh, Perak (Malaysia) from 5-7 November 2020. [5th and 7th are half days].

Submit your abstracts now for this exciting two-day workshop (GTW) focused on best practices, risk-based planning, and the role geoscientists and engineers will play in these changing times. Suggested sessions found below.

  • Session 1 – CO2 (and contaminant like H₂S, mercury etc.) origin, prediction, and quantification in the exploration phase
  • Session 2 – High CO2 (and contaminant) fields – Opportunities and challenges (appraisal and development phase)
  • Session 3 – Unlocking high CO2 (and contaminant) fields – Key enablers (technology vs risk-based planning), best practice, and challenges
  • Session 4 – CCUS Part 1 – Challenges, technology, and commercial viability
  • Session 5 – CCUS (including H2S, mercury, helium etc.) Part 2 – Opportunity and risks for cross-industry collaborations
  • Session 6 – CO2, high contaminant fields (like H₂S, mercury etc). and energy transition – Where does it fit?
  • Session 7 – Roles of geoscientists and engineers in this changing energy future – Opportunities, challenges, and how to prepare for it
  • Session 8 – Regulatory framework – Challenges and path to support CO2, high contaminant fields monetization

More information contact , Programs Manager, AAPG Asia Pacific

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