Joint Conference calling for abstracts - Deadline 15 August 2019

1st AAPG/EAGE Conference in Papua New Guinea!

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

Call for abstracts is now open for the 1st AAPG/EAGE Papua New Guinea Petroleum Geoscience Conference & Exhibition.

The conference will focus on those who explore for petroleum accumulations, appraise them and seek to develop them as producing oil and gas fields. Petroleum Geoscientists of all kinds from: wellsite geologists to exploration program managers; geophysicists to geochemists; and stratigraphers to sedimentologists, and all those others who contribute to the elucidation of the hydrocarbon endowment of a place like Papua New Guinea. The conference will also endeavor to include select papers on oil and gas fields and their reservoirs and production where it pertains to the subsurface science of the accumulation of petroleum.

Submission themes for abstracts will include:

  • PNG Geology and Petroleum Systems
  • PNG Structural Geology and Tectonics
  • Papuan Basin Exploration
  • Clastic Reservoirs, Sedimentology and Evaluation
  • Stratigraphy of Papua New Guinea
  • Carbonate Reservoirs, Sedimentology and their Evaluation
  • Producing Oil Fields
  • Producing Gas Fields
  • Innovation and Application of New Technologies
  • Exploration in Other Basins
  • Petroleum Resources and Endowment
  • New Field Developments

The amazing structural geology of Papua New Guinea arising from its location at a major plate margin should attract structural geologists from around the world amongst many other specialists. Aside from the science, the Conference will necessarily update all those in the industry who are concede with development and commercialisation as we conjecture new development along side the exploration potential of new frontiers to be explored like the deep water areas of the Gulf of Papua into the Coral Sea.

The conference comes two decades since the last of the inaugural series of Petroleum Conventions of the 1990s were run in Port Moresby by the PNG Chamber of Mines and Petroleum which is a local supporter of this event. There is thus two decades of exciting petroleum geoscience and fertile knowledge to shared since those last scientific meetings took place during which time many more fields have been discovered and the large gas discoveries developed and put into production.

Supporting partners in the exhibition include the Papua New Guinea Chamber of Mines and Petroleum, Papua New Guinea Department of Petroleum, and SEAPEX, the Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society.

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