S. Tariq Hasany: Visiting Geologist for Karachi, Pakistan

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

S. Tariq Hasany visited Department of Geology, Federal Urdu University of Science and Technology (FUUST) Karachi, Pakistan on Saturday, August 9, 2008. He gave two topics, "Petroleum System and Processes” and "Career in Petroleum Geosciences". The participants in both lectures were about 60 (58 students and 2 faculty members).

This is the summary of his visits:

Lecture-1. Petroleum System and Processes

In this lecture I briefed the participants about the fundamentals of the petroleum system and importance of each elements and why oil E&P companies emphasize to evaluate each element very critically. What are the main methods to find out subsurface traps and how to evaluate a drillable prospect, where to find such traps etc? What important skills and qualifications an exploration geologist must have for a successful career.

Students took keen interest and asked questions about the Petroleum geology.

Lecture-2: Career in Petroleum Geosciences

In this lecture I tried to info the participants about the opportunities in petroleum industry for new graduates, what skills and talent companies like to see in fresh men at the time of interview.

I also talked about those areas of the world where oil E&P industry would be flourishing in future and where will not, in what regions exploration geologists would be required and where the Reservoir and development geologist would be in demand.

Also, I informed them; how students prepared themselves for the future needs of the industry and how universities prepare their curriculum that meets the objectives in the present day job market and for future. What are the job trends in US, Canada and other countries? I emphasized that university should remain in close contacts with the industry and encourage their students to become student member of AAPG and take part in the activities to get the first hand knowledge about industry. Knowing the industry's applications software and to obtain training is must during degree program that enhance the chances to get good jobs.

As this lecture was about student's career the Q&A session was very intense and I responded very intelligent questions.

At the end of both lectures I asked to fill the VGP Evaluation forms and I received their fed back which was extremely positive and almost all students urge me to come to university every month for the lectures. I told them it would not be possible due to my present location in Almaty but I promised that on each visit to Karachi I will try t visit them.

I really enjoyed being among the students of FUUST. Thank AAPG-VGP to provide me this opportunity.

S. Tariq Hasany - Schlumberger


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