Cenozoic Tectonics of SE Asia: An AAPG/PESA short course

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

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What:    Tectonics of SE Asia: Problems and Models

Who:     Taught by Professor Robert Hall, Professor of GeologySouth East Asia Research Group, Department of Earth Sciences, Royal Holloway University of London

When:    24-26 November 2010

Where:   University of Adelaide, Australia

(3 days; Maximum 32 Attendees)

In this course the Cenozoic geological development of Southeast Asia will be discussed in the context of a regional plate tectonic model for Southeast Asia and the Southwest Pacific. The course is centered on Indonesia and Malaysia but discusses a wider area including Indochina, the Philippines and West Pacific, New Guinea and the Northwest Shelf of Australia. The course focuses on the Cenozoic but also discusses the development of the region from the early Mesozoic which is essential for understanding the Cenozoic tectonics and why the region deforms as it does.

Robert Hall is Professor of Geology and Director of the SE Asia Research Group at Royal Holloway University of London. Since 1984 he has worked in SE Asia, mainly in Indonesia, carrying out field-based research supported mainly by industrial consortia with postgraduate research students and post-doctoral researchers. These studies have been the basis for computer animated plate tectonic reconstructions of SE Asia and the SW Pacific for the Cenozoic.

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