Glance From AAPG SCLS and Annual Leadership Days

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

Student Chapter Leadership Summit (SCLS) V & AAPG 31st Annual Leadership Days was successfully held in Boulder, Colorado from August 10th through August 14th, 2011. These two annual events took place at the Millenium Harvest House & Benson Earth Sciences Building at the University of Colorado. It was attended by 17 Students & more than 100 Professionals who are the leaders from many institution / companies. Each region had a representative for attending this great event. There are 3 representatives of AAPG Asia Pacific region, they are Mr. Peter Baillie as a President of Asia Pacific Region, Reetu Ragini as Young Professional, and Rino Isma Aditya Saputra as Student from University of Indonesia.

The SCLS was attended by the outstanding students to represent their Chapter & Region. On the first day, The SCLS was opened by Richard Ball as Chair of SCLS and Stephanie Thomas as vice chair. It started with introducing the personality among students, as well as the Young Professional joined with students in this session. Then, the Young Professional made discussion with student regarding the student needs to approach future success in career as a professional geoscientist. Learn as much as you can, stay up on technology, develop good networking abilities, and continue updating your education all the time. Gretchen Gillis who work in Saudi Aramco also shared to us her experiences in AAPG, particularly her career as geoscientist. And the first day was closed by doing such fun activities, bowling and billiard, in CU campus.

Marla Sanchez opened the second day by teaching us about the personalities and what kind of leaders we are. It was very impressive session, which explained about the natural temperament of each personal. After that, we had discussion using Robert’s Rules of Order and Lee Billingsley as the moderator. Young Professionals also joined with the students in Marla’s/Lee Billingsley’s session before they went out and the students continued the presentation of each SC afterward. All students showed snapshots of their SC, best practices, lesson learned, budgets, etc. In the end of SCLS, we discussed and re‐evaluated to accept SC reports, allow Social Media, and evaluate top chapters. As the end of SCLS, we have to write about the Sister Chapter program & final report of the all activities.

Then we went back to hotel to get dinner together with all professional members and started the Leadership Days reception. The night was concluded with enjoying public entertainment on the hotel grounds. On the 3rd day, David Curtiss as the new Executive Director gave introduction after opening speech of Paul Weimer and Jeffrey Lund. Then we heard about the strategic plan update that was emphasized into the fluctuating number of AAPG member every year. The Leadership Days focussed primarily on the future of AAPG which we discussed the entire ‘system’ of AAPG. The discussion was separately divided into 6 groups, 2 of these groups will delve further of the Strategic Plan and the other four groups covered Future Business Opportunities, Future of Publications, YLPS/Student Plans, and Membership Simplification. On the last day, we discussed all results of each group. The results of all these groups discussion are then the specific recommendations for implementation in AAPG. Then the Leadership Days officially concluded with words from Paul Weimer. It was truly an honor and pleasure to come in SCLS and Leadership Days, to listen and share a few of ideas for AAPG. Especially for students who got many experiences on it and expand the networking we have. And hopefully we can make some contributions for AAPG in the near future time. The last but not least, the gratitude is sincerely addressed for AAPG, Staff & Executive Committee, and Sponsor (Chevron) to make things possible.

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