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Thanks to all who attended the 2019 AAPG Student Expo and thank you to our most generous sponsors. Bookmark this page for upcoming Student Expos

About the AAPG Student Expo

The Student Expo brings students, recruiters and industry professionals together with the goal to help in building the future generation of professional geoscientists.

The Student Expo offers the geoscience industry a valuable opportunity to interact with numerous talented students from various corners of the world, interview and select their new generation of employees all within a two-day event and at an affordable cost.

This two-day event provides geoscience students with the key tools necessary to launch and develop their professional career. In addition to allowing for résumé-sharing and prospective interviews, the event provides a unique opportunity for the students to learn professional skills and applied technologies required to enter and be successful in the professional world. Students get a priceless opportunity to learn about various industry career opportunities, sharpen their skills for professional networking, presentation, résumé writing and interviews.

The Expo is open to current students and recent graduates. Geoscience faculty members are also encouraged to attend to search for their next talented student.

Student Expo activities include:

  • Multiple short course and workshop options, attended by industry professionals and recruiters: opportunity to learn and network.
  • Open poster session relevant to the study of geosciences with awards going to first, second, third place winners and honorable mentions.
  • Industry exhibition.
  • Résumé sharing and a full day of interviews with industry recruiters.
  • Technical and softskill seminars
  • Résumé review.

To allow companies to identify candidates with the required skill sets, students are requested to submit their résumés and poster abstracts during registration.

The event is for students in geosciences or related fields only. Poster submissions are limited and must be related to geophysics, geology, hydrogeology, geochemistry, petrophysics, and earth and environmental sciences. More information regarding the poster session will be available soon.

New to the 2019 Expo:
  • Student attendees will be limited to the first 250 registrants to allow better industry-student interaction. Be sure to register ASAP.
  • Non-attendee students: You will have then option to submit your résumé even if you don’t plan to attend the Expo in person. Your résumé will be provided to companies two weeks after the Expo. In addition, all résumés will be available after the Expo to companies who do not exhibit.
  • An array of new and industry relevant short courses on geosteering, core analysis and lab tour, data science and networking skills workshop.
  • Significant focus on more student-industry interaction. Recruiters and professionals will be invited to attend all short courses – an opportunity to network and earn an interview.
  • Earlier (1:30 p.m.) opening and closing time for the industry exhibition.
  • Student résumé database may be shared with potential recruiting companies beyond Expo. These may be sponsors for other regional student networking events during the fall 2019 to allow significantly more exposure to recruiting.
  • AAPG President Mike Party will host a lunch at a local restaurant on Friday, Sept. 6 for poster winners (3) and honorable mentions (3), and one recruiter from each company.
HGS Travel Grant

Houston Geological Society Student Travel Grant for 2019 AAPG Student Expo, Houston

The Houston Geological Society (HGS) is providing 5 students with $100 of travel grants each to aid in their travel to the 2019 AAPG Student Expo in Houston. HGS recognizes the importance of the AAPG Student Expo with its contribution to the petroleum industry by providing a centralized opportunity for companies and geoscience students to network, interview, and gain valuable experience needed to pursue a career in the petroleum industry. Eligibility for application:

  1. Must be a member of both AAPG and Houston Geological Society (HGS student membership is free. An application can be submitted online at https://www.hgs.org/membershipApplication).
  2. Must be registered for and attend the 2019 Houston AAPG Student Expo (grant awards will be announced at the Expo).
  3. Must be a current student or have graduation date not earlier than 2018 with good academic standing.

Eligible students should download application form, fill it in legibly and submit the entire application via email to Casey Langdon () of HGS NeoGeos by August 20, 2019 for the 2019 Houston Expo travel assistance grant. Application should include:

  1. Properly and legibly filled application form
  2. Information for obtaining letter of recommendation (LOR)
  3. A copy of unofficial transcript

Selection criteria for the eligible students who submitted their application by the deadline:

  1. Statement of Purpose
  2. LOR
  3. Good academic standing (GPA + LOR)
  4. Academic progress and research
  5. Performance in poster presentation at the Houston Expo
  6. Active participation in the Expo

HGS Travel Grant Application

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