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Expo is a two-day-packed event with one goal: facilitating student-industry interaction focusing on future generation of geoscience professionals.

While AAPG Expo cannot promise you will get an interview or job offer, it will provide key tools necessary for career development. Please take advantage of all the Expo will have to offer by preparing in advance:

  • Read all online information on the Expo website.
  • Take note of what is new or different in 2019.
  • Prepare a good résumé (tips below).
  • Check out the schedule carefully and plan your days.
  • Research all the attending and sponsoring companies.
  • Network-network-network! Take every opportunity to build your network (e.g., short courses, poster sessions, exhibition, etc.).
  • Learn various skills from the Expo and apply in the future.
  • Prepare for professional “first impression” with the following tips:
    • Dress clean and neat – conservative, not flashy.
    • Men should consider wearing a suit and tie.
    • Women should consider pant or skirt suits.
Tips for a good Résumé:
  • Include only information that is relevant to attaining a job, such as relevant coursework, research or geoscience employment.
  • Place education and relevant experience near the top.
  • Highlight skills and abilities that benefit the company.
  • Be concise using “action” verbs to quickly describe your past experiences.
  • Do not use personal pronouns.
  • Avoid general or flowery objective statements. Use fact based and quantitative statements.
  • Take advantage of the many resources available online and through your school.
Interview Tips:
  • Research the company before your interview.
  • Arrive on time or five minutes early.
  • No distracting mannerisms (tapping fingernails, clicking pens or swinging feet), be aware of your posture and body language and make eye contact.
  • Speak clearly and do not talk too fast.
  • Think before you answer a question – take a pause, may repeat the question yourself.
  • Be relaxed and sure of yourself but not overconfident.
  • Be enthusiastic and ask questions – show your interest in the company.
  • Be well prepared with your answers – anticipate the questions in advance.
  • When necessary, avoid using only yes or no answers – use this opportunity to sell yourself-judiciously.
  • Follow up the interview with a thank you letter or email.
  • Don’t ask about salary or benefits in the first interview – save it for the second interview.
  • Bring a pen and pad of paper to take notes.
  • Bring extra résumés.
  • TURN OFF your cell phone.
  • Bring any applicable research illustrations.

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