22nd International Petroleum Environmental Conference (IPEC) on November 17-19, 2015 in Denver, CO

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

The Division of Environmental Geosciences has endorsed the 22nd International Petroleum Environmental Conference (IPEC) to be held November 17-19 in Denver.

This year's conference will focus on "Water Management Issues", "Soil, Surface Water and Groundwater Remediation", & "Advanced Environmental Diagnostics" and be held at the luxurious Grand Hyatt Hotel downtown Denver.

The IPEC approached Doug Wyatt, past-president of DEG, for an endorsement. DEG leadership reviewed their goals, the sponsoring organizations (academic), funding, and concluded IPEC’s goals were aligned with the DEG goals – improving the science of oil and gas environmental improvements.

According to Jeff Aldrich, DEG President 2015-16, “We are not funding nor sponsoring – just an endorsement ... and a good event to consider.”

In the past 20 years, the IPEC conference has brought participants from across the U.S. and 39 international locations around the world. It is a prime networking opportunity that attracts:

  • Health, Safety, Environmental Specialists and Engineers
  • Compliance Officers
  • Environmental Professionals
  • Water Treatment Management Firms
  • Operations Managers
  • Remediation Companies
  • Professionals from the petroleum industry concerned with environmental issues and solutions
Tuesday Plenary Speakers
  • Stan Belieu: Deputy Director, UIC Program Field Operations, Nebraska Oil & Gas
    Conservation Commission, Sidney, Nebraska
    "Analysis of the Chemicals used for Hydraulic Fracturing using FracFocus Data: Are we Seeing a New Trend Toward Transparency?"
  • Jill E. Cooper: HSE Advisor, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, Denver, Colorado
    "Engaging Communities on Environmental Topics"
  • Thom Kerr: Oil and Gas Consultant, Thom Kerr, LLC, Denver, Colorado
    "Colorado's Continuous Adjustment to Unconventional Resource Development"
  • Dave Stewart: Stewart Environmental Consultants, Ft. Collins,
    "The Search for Water Used in Hydraulic Fracturing: Water Reuse and Reducing Potential Earthquake Activity"
Thursday Luncheon Speaker
  • Patty Limerick: Professor of History, Faculty Director and Chair of the Board of the Center of the American West, University of Colorado "The Terrain of Trust: An Expedition into the Subsurface of Public Discussion of Oil and Gas Development"
Technical Sessions (to date)
  • Produced Water Management Techniques & Strategies
  • Advancements in LNAPL Science
  • Hydraulic Fracturing Issues
  • Bioremediation of Hydrocarbons and Chlorinated Hydrocarbons
  • In Situ Chemical Oxidation
  • Remediation of Hydrocarbon Spills
  • Environmental Management, Compliance & Auditing
  • Open Discussion: Produced Water

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