Pamela (Pam) S. Collins

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Pam Collins is a Field Safety Specialist working in the Global Field Safety Team for ExxonMobil. She is a former Boy Scouts of America leader (Advancement Chairman) for Troop 1283 in Houston, Texas. She has extensive experience backpacking and hiking with the Boy Scouts and ExxonMobil. Pam is a certified Risk Assessor for the EM Global Field Safety Process which includes scouting new locations, assessing risks and creating Site Safety Summary Sheets and site specific Risk Assessments. She also reviews Job Safety Analysis (JSAs) for various company sponsored United Way projects and events. Collins graduated from Tarleton State University (Texas A&M University system) with a B.S. in Chemistry and a minor in Geology. She began her career in 1979 with Core Laboratories (Midland, Dallas & Houston) where she worked in the areas of Core Analysis and Special Core Analysis for almost 10 years. She joined Exxon Production Research Company in 1989 and worked there as a technician with multiple safety roles for 17 years, followed by a 6 year assignment at ExxonMobil Exploration Company as the SSH&E Safety Coordinator. She was awarded Safety Leader of the Year in 2003 and became the first Facilitator of Riskbusters (Behavior Based Safety Process) in 2006 at the EM Upstream Research Company. She has assisted teaching the Field Safety Leadership course since 2007.

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