Raffaele Di Cuia

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Raffaele Di Cuia is presently Partner and Technical Director of G.E.Plan Consulting s.r.l. in Ferrara, (Italy) a consulting company specializing in the characterization of complex reservoirs and in assisting E&P companies for their activity in Italy. He previously held technical positions with TOTAL S.A. (France), FINA E&P (Italy) and began his career with Arco British in the UK. He has 15 years experience in E&P industry and he has worked as an asset geologist, an exploration geologist over deep offshore plays and as a reservoir geologist/petrophysicist over fractured carbonate and clastic turbidite reservoirs. During his career he was involved in multidisciplinary studies from the early exploration/basin evaluation to reservoir characterization, seismic and drilling projecting, early production, reservoir modeling and late re-evaluation of old HC fields. He has worked on projects in different countries of Europe, Middle East, Russia and a former Soviet Counties and North and Central Africa. He’s also involved in research projects focusing on the characterization of fractured carbonates and dolomitised reservoirs using different techniques and approaches. He is the principal author of several papers concerning: i) the use of field analogues to better understand and model carbonate reservoirs and ii) a novel approach to the complete interpretation of image logs integrating data mining and artificial intelligence techniques with geological concepts. He holds a first class degree in Earth Sciences (University of Ferrara, Italy) and an MSc in Basin Analysis and Evolution (Royal Holloway College - University of London).

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