Selim S. Shaker

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Selim S. Shaker is Director of and Consulting Geologist for Geopressure Analysis Services Inc. (G.A.S.) in Houston, TX. He received a B.Sc. (honor), M.Sc and Geology and also received a diploma in Hydrogeology from Prague University (UNESCO). With over 35 years in the oil industry, he started his career in Egypt as well-site, stratigrapher and structural geologist. During his last 30 years of service his main function as Exploration Geologist was prospects generation in onshore and offshore the Gulf of Mexico. Internationally, he also evaluated several exploration projects in NW Australia, Libya, Algeria, N. Sea and China. Dr. Shaker established G.A.S. to focus on evaluating the implication of geopressure compartmentalization, seal integrity and salt interaction on leads and prospects worldwide. Pre and Post drilling risk assessment of a prospect is his specialty. He is an active member of AAPG, SEG, HGS, GSH, and AADE. Dr. Shaker is the Co-Chair of the 2012 AAPG Deep Water GTW. He has published over 40 papers and articles regarding geopressure, risk assessments and drilling.

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