Ian D. Collins

Ian D. Collins

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Ian D. Collins is a geologist with more than 40 years of extensive international geoscience exploration/development experience and expertise as an upstream oil and gas technical executive.

Collins’ work experience includes positions as a geoscience manager for Polarcus DMCC in Dubai, technical adviser to the Strategic Business Development Group at PTT Exploration and Production in Bangkok, general manager for Serica Energy in Singapore and exploration team leader for Murphy Oil in Malaysia. He has also worked with Genting Oil and Gas and Unocal in Thailand, Singapore, Myanmar and United Kingdom, and with Union Oil of Indonesia. Collins currently lives in Singapore where he works as an independent consultant.

Collins holds a bachelor’s with honors from Aberdeen University. He is an active member in AAPG, Society of Petroleum Engineers, Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain, Geologic Society of Malaysia, a Fellow of the Geologic Society of London and an honorary lifetime member of the South East Asia Petroleum Exploration Society.

Collins offers students opportunities to learn about technical topics such as geoscience, exploration and development as well as business-related aspects of the petroleum industry.

Collins’ areas of expertise include exploration geology, geologic mapping, geophysics, seismic stratigraphy, reservoir engineering and development as well as petroleum economics, international business, recruiting and career planning.



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