Zoltán Unger

Zoltán Unger

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I am a scientist, educator and consultant. My mission was always threefold: to innovate with research and continuing education, to foster collaboration in the geological community, and to preserve scientific heritage in the Carpathian Basin and beyond.

As a young consultant, I learned the ropes at the largest geological and hydrocarbon companies in Hungary, including the MOL Group, a Central and Eastern European market leader, and the Mining Bureau of Hungary. With the advent of geoinformatics, I developed my skills in remote sensing at the Geological Institute of Hungary, historically one of the oldest geological research facilities in the world. Returning to consultancy, recently I have led a cross-border research project enabled by O&GD Central oil and gas consultancy involving multiple universities.

My focus in education has resulted in three Master’s degrees and PhD on fractal geology, but I also have a strong sense of responsibility towards educating the scientists and educators of the future. I am an associate professor teaching geology, geophysics and geomathematics in two countries at three different universities (ELTE Savaria Campus, University of Szeged, Babes-Bolyai University-Cluj).

Forging ties in education has enabled me to act as driving force behind cross-border geological collaboration: I have been re-elected as general secretary and deputy president of the Hungarian Geological Society multiple times in the past 12 years, and I have a long history of organizing conferences, research trips and scientific exhibitions in the Carpathian Basin.

I have been on work missions in Switzerland, India, the USA and most recently in London. This position will enable me to further educate myself and to promote my ongoing research into methane generation in deep hypersaline anoxic basins. It is my conviction that colloid systems are the most neglected dimension of geological research, and I anticipate a large shift towards exploring these processes in hydrocarbon and salt generation. I look forward to sharing the results of my research group and finding international collaborators.



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