Igor Viegas Alves Fernandes de Souza

Igor Viegas Alves Fernandes de Souza

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Igor Viegas has more than ten years experience in petroleum system assessment mainly based on organic geochemistry data. He received his degree in geology in 2004 at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro where he developed researches on thermal influence of igneous intrusion within source rock intervals. In 2006 he finished his specialization in basin analysis at State University of Rio de Janeiro and began working at Petrobras R&D Center. One year after, he concluded his master’s degree in organic facies of Devonian source rock from Parnaiba Basin.

His career at Petrobras started in the geochemistry section where he was responsible for visual analysis of organic matter using transmitted and reflected light microscopes to obtain information about the quality of organic matter and the thermal evolution. Based on the microscope results and geochemistry data (TOC, Rock-Eval pyrolysis and geochemical composition of bitumens) he used to perform source rock assessment from Brazilian basins and international areas where Petrobras had exploration activities.

In 2012, he started to carry out integrated petroleum system assessments based on rock, oil and gas geochemistry data giving support to the exploration team with focus on Paleozoic basins and Brazilian equatorial margin. Nowadays, he gives geochemistry support for all Brazilian basins and he is developing different branches of research in oil and gas geochemistry (e.g. compound specific- isotope analysis and biomarkers).

 Igor Viegas is a member of International Committee for Coal and Organic Petrology (ICCP) and takes part in working groups regarding the Applications of Coal and Organic Petrology. He is accredited by ICCP to carry out vitrinite reflectance analysis on dispersed organic matter. Currently he is the Brazilian director of Latin American Association of Organic Geochemistry (ALAGO) and is the president of AAPG’s Young Professionals Brazil chapter.



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