Carlos Aizprua Luna

Carlos Aizprua Luna

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Carlos Aizprua is a senior Geophysicist with over 9 years of experience in the oil & gas industry. Carlos graduated as a geologist from the ESPOL University in Ecuador in 2005. Starting as a sample catcher at oil rigs in the Oriente basin in Ecuador for half a year, he rapidly moves to work as a junior geoscientist for Baker Hughes in Quito-Ecuador. In 2007 he moved to Paris, to pursue a master degree in Petroleum geoscience at the IFP School.

During this time, he encouraged a group of students to participate, for the first time representing IFP School, in the second AAPG IBA program, reaching the second place at the European semifinals. Carlos is responsible for stablishing the first AAPG student chapters both in France and in Ecuador. Moving northward, Carlos started working as a seismic interpreter on well planning activities at Statoil in Bergen-Norway. By 2012, Carlos move to the R&D department to work on defining better workflows for fault and fracture predictions on fields from the Gulf of Mexico.

In 2014 he decided to take a study leave to pursue a PhD at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). His inspiration is to combine geology and geophysics on building geological conceptual models. And to spread out the word on how exciting, challenging, and rewarding is a career on the oil and gas industry.



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