W.C. “Rusty” Riese

W.C. “Rusty” Riese

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Consulting geologist, Houston. Previously with BP, Vastar Resources, ARCO, Anaconda and Gulf Mineral Resources. Riese has worked in both minerals and petroleum as a geologist, geochemist and manager during 40 years in industry. His exploration and development activities include most provinces in western North America and the Gulf of Mexico. Riese’s research focuses include biogeochemistry, isotope geochemistry, sequence stratigraphy, and coalbed methane petroleum systems.

He has taught for 25 years via adjunct positions at several universities and participated in several National Petroleum Council and National Research Council studies. Dr. Riese was asked to tour as a lecturer through the AAPG Distinguished Lecture program. The title of his lecture is “Oil Spills, Ethics, and Society: How they intersect and where the responsibilities reside.” Additionally, he is widely published and the holder of numerous patents.



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