Tan Chun Hock

Tan Chun Hock

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I’m a Young Professional member in the AAPG’s Asia Pacific Region and recently got transferred to UK to works as Appraisal Geologist in the region. During my own free time apart from looking at the rocks in nature, I also volunteered to help the Student Chapters in coordinating / assisting for the Asia Pacific Region. AAPG Student Chapters served as a platform and bridge for the students to be connected to the industry. It is very important to get experience Geoscientist to visit universities as often as possible and sometimes I also stand in to give a short presentation to the students in both university and secondary high school.

As an exploration geologist, I’m dealing mostly with big pictures and costly risk. My day to day tasks are mainly to deal with regional data such as seismic understanding and post well data analysis. My role in the team was to be able to help the management to decide where the best likelihood to drill next by looking at what we have within the license blocks. Building the most updated and geo-logical regional play maps and ranking the prospects are some of the highlights of the end products. Of the four keys to a successful exploration target namely charge, seal, trap, and reservoir, more than 70% of the usual failures are related back to charge and seal. That’s what I am focusing in towards producing a better geo-logical model. It was in early 2013 I decided to move to Aberdeen as an Appraisal Geologist working in Central North Sea. Currently I am working on a HPHT field and building the conceptual geomodel for it. This new environment should keep me busy for some time and I’ll keep on exploring.



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