Abstract: The Quest for Energy

This comprehensive introductory treatment of the Oil & Gas industry starts off by looking at world energy needs, worldwide oil and gas reserves and the challenging careers that are offered as those reserves are found and developed. The importance of technology advances is highlighted.

Different inter-related disciplines in the oil and gas industry will be discussed; geophysics, stratigraphy, sedimentology, geochemistry, petrophysics and reservoir engineering. The importance of data integration will be highlighted.

Petroleum Systems will then be examined with a discussion of source rocks, reservoirs, seals and traps as well as the processes of O&G generation, migration and entrapment. The drilling and production of hydrocarbon accumulations will also be presented.

The presentation concludes with a review of the importance of professional society involvement in one’s career.

Visiting Geoscientist

Peter M.

Peter M. Lloyd

Honorary Professor

Asia Pacific Training Ltd.