Abstract: Integration of geology and geophysics in hydrocarbon exploration and field development

During your near future career either as a geologist or geophysicist, in exploration or field development, you will probably face or hear the following statement: “We need to work in multidisciplinary teams, in an integrated manner…”. However, this may not be always the case, simply because of the different expertise people have or just because they prefer to stay in their comfort zone.

Through this talk, based on my own experience of crossing different disciplines, I show how exciting it is to solve a geological problem by a zoom out/zoom in approach. From the pore up to the crustal-scale, every single dataset and point is useful for your exploration or field development task.

Maybe this is how machines will help us in the digital era, by diminishing the time needed to collect and connect data. However as “geoscientists” we need to be prepared and open to becoming more interdisciplinary professionals.

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Visiting Geoscientist

Carlos Aizprua

Carlos Aizprua Luna


Statoil Department/Division: RD

Latin America Region, Europe Region

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