Abstract: What to Expect in Your First Few Years as a Gradate Hire at a Multinational Energy Company

They told you about the pay check, but no one warned you about time writing! The first few years of transition from student graduate hire at a multinational energy company can be full of pleasant and unpleasant surprises. Did you imagine yourself in a swanky office? Welcome to the harsh reality of open work spaces. Thought your geology skills would be enough to accelerate you up the corporate ladder? Think again. On the other hand, did you once struggle to find enough data to solve your geological problem? Welcome to the land of plenty. You may have spent the last decade or so in school, but be prepared to get sent back into training. Buckle your seat belt and be prepared for the unexpected in your first years in a multinational energy company. Within this talk are some tips on retaining resilience and flexibility so you can enjoy the ride and not fall off the wagon.

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Visiting Geoscientist

Noelle Joy

Noelle Joy Purcell

Shell Oil

Nationwide USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain


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