Abstract: Around the World in 80 Emails or How Regional Geologists Support Exploration

When the next email in your inbox may mean a journey through space and time to a completely different petroleum and/or depositional system than the one you were working yesterday you’ve become a regional geologist. This geoscience sub discipline isn’t so much a specialism as the playground for Jacks-of-all-trades. Not necessarily an expert in any given field, you need to know a little about everything and be able to integrate it all to answer for any given basin the question “Are we in or out?” So refresh that geochronology and boot up your Geographic Information System because it’s time to dig deep into corporate data stores, open a map document, and wave our geology hands, Exploration’s on the softphone and they want to know what blocks to pick up next!

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Noelle Joy

Noelle Joy Purcell

Shell Oil

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