Abstract: Geoscientists Roles in the Search for Petroleum

What is involved in the search for petroleum with examples of geoscientist jobs, and what is needed, what the job involves, relationships with other disciplines, career paths, etc.

This presentation contains a brief account of what is involved in the search for oil and gas, including a synopsis of the author’s 40+ year petroleum industry career. The majority of the talk deals with the variety of what the over 20 roles that a geoscientist can take though a career, from mudlogger, through sedimentologist, seismic interpreter, production geologist to independent expert in unitization. What is needed to fulfill those roles and integration with other disciplines in each role are illustrated. Also included is personal experience on maintaining an open mind and the testing of new ideas, as well as thoughts on geoscience university course content. A section on oil price fluctuations, industry downturns and how to survive them is also included, together with recommendations on entering a career in the oil industry.

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