17 September, 2020 Tulsa Oklahoma United States Postponed

Applied Biostratigraphy in Clastic, Carbonate and Evaporite Depositional Settings

14-17 September 2020
Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States


Who Should Attend
  • Exploration Geologists
  • Geology PhD and Master students
  • Development Geologists
  • Seismic Interpreters
  • Sedimentologists
  • Upstream subsurface professionals who are interested in using bio stratigraphic data as a predictive tool in sedimentary basins

At the end of the course attendees will have:

  • Knowledge of the different microfossil groups and in which ages and paleoenvironments they can be used.
  • Explored the concepts and applications of chrono-, litho-, biostratigraphy and geochronology.
  • Understood how biostratigraphy data can be integrated with other geological data to optimize its use as an interpretative tool
  • Interpreted paleoenvironment of deposition using fossil assemblages
  • Used bio stratigraphic data to characterize source rocks and its thermal maturation
Course Content

Course will be held via Zoom: 14–17 September 2020, 8:00 am–11:00 am (CDT)

Biostratigraphy is a fundamental discipline in petroleum exploration and development as it provides information on sedimentation ages, paleoenvironmental settings and source rock potential. It can also provide critical insight on sequence analysis including unconformities and sedimentation breaks in addition to the identification of flooding surfaces and condensed sequences. It can be used in several scales, from well site providing real-time data to basin-scale stratigraphic studies. 

The course will cover the main fossil groups used in commercial biostratigraphy, their temporal and spatial distribution, the contexts in which they occur and how they are used to provide solutions to geological and technical problems.

This course will cover the applied use of biostratigraphy with working examples from several sedimentation settings, including evaporite-bearing basins. Several hands-on exercises with quantification methods will be run as well as sequence stratigraphic interpretation using biostratigraphy data.

Why This Course Stands Out

This is the single course on biostratigraphy that provides participants hands-on experience with real industry data. Particular sedimentation environments such as salt-bearing basins are not covered by other courses.

  • Stratigraphy and fossil groups
  • Biostratigraphy events, biozones and stratigraphic methods
  • Biostratigraphy Correlations and integration with other disciplines
  • Biostratigraphy Paleoenvironments and Sequence Stratigraphy
Expires on
17 September, 2020
Professional Fee
Expires on
17 September, 2020
Displaced Professional Fee
Expires on
17 September, 2020
Student Fee
30 People
  • Cancellations received on or before 7 September 2020 will be refunded less a $50 processing fee.
  • Refunds will not be issued after 7 September 2020 or for "no shows."
  • You may substitute one participant for another.
  • Cancellations or substitution requests should be emailed to Customer Service at [email protected].
  • Zoom Link (a link will be sent at least 24 hours prior to the course)
  • Digital Course Materials
Technical Requirements
  • Personal Computer
  • High-Speed Internet Connection
  • Search Engine (Google preferred)
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