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This course benefits government agency managers and work teams, exploration managers and explorationists concerned with assessing hydrocarbon opportunities and risk, and university teachers and students working in regional tectonic and basin analysis and the paleogeographic evolution and hydrocarbon habitat of the Caribbean.


This course examines the evolution of concepts in deep water models, providing the participants with the knowledge and tools to describe and predict deep water reservoirs from exploration through production scales. At the exploration scale, emphasis is placed on understanding the different deep-water settings and their influence on trap styles, reservoir fairways, and chance of success for both plays and prospects.

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Interpret environments of deposition (EoD’s) and related reservoir architecture, lithofacies associations and diversity
  • Describe trap configurations and risk assessment for DW stratigraphic traps
  • Explain Reservoir presence risking and N:G prediction
  • Review deep water lithofacies and nomenclature, common lithofacies associations and interpret lithofacies in cores
  • Evaluate reservoir geometry and connectivity in different EoD’s, integrating with production data
Course Content

The Caribbean is one of world’s complicated “inter-plate deformation zones,” with a wide variety of exploration settings and plays. Caribbean evolution is directly responsible for the western hemisphere’s greatest hydrocarbon accumulations along northern South America.

This notoriously complex region has intrigued geoscientists for decades, and understanding the Caribbean plate’s origin and processes has inspired the life’s work of tectonic experts like course instructor James Pindell.

In his 1985 PhD thesis, Pindell developed a robust methodology for paleogeographic analysis of this region, providing a straightforward approach to explain the distinct stages of development by following standard textbook geological processes and principles.

In his method and his teaching, Pindell explains that the Caribbean’s apparent complexity is due only to the superposition of the geological manifestations of these distinct stages. Hydrocarbon source, reservoir, seal, trap and timing are considered each step of the way, and the evolutionary models allow a predictive element to exploration where data are poor or lacking.

Caribbean Paleogeographic Evolution and Hydrocarbon Exploration Framework provides an integrated, one-day summary of the primary findings and principles from more than 40 years of study and shows how those findings apply to individual nations and provinces around the Caribbean.

Throughout the course, Pindell shares knowledge gleaned through his study of subsurface data in numerous interactive work programs with the national oil companies (NOCs) and hydrocarbon commissions in Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela, Colombia, Barbados, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. Working collaboratively with needs-designed research teams, these programs have entailed extensive field and lab work, geochronology and paleontological dating, heavy mineral work, seismic and potential fields data interpretation, well/core observation and analysis, and geological integration and synthesis with documented plate motion histories.

Programs have been funded by international exploration companies since 1985 in the hopes of establishing working tectonic models and hydrocarbon generation histories at the regional, national and basin scales.

The lessons learned are many, and now knowledge gained over 40 years is available to participants with a single day through a series of lectures and Q&A sessions.

The course provides a fast-track summary of what we know, what we don’t know, and what needs to be done to understand the remaining problems.

Fees are in USD

Cancellation/Refund Policy

Cancellations received on or before 30 August 2021 will be refunded less a $50 processing fee. Refunds will not be issued after 30 August 2021, or for "no shows." Replacements will be accepted and must abide by Member or Non-Member fee.

Fee Includes:

Course notes will be provided in PDF format a week earlier. Participants may choose to utilize coloured pencils should they print their own notes; otherwise arrange to interpret the exercises digitally.

Technical Requirements
  • Broadband Connection
  • Up-to-date computer
  • Up-to-date Browser
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