07 April, 2016 Spring Texas United States

Field Safety for Field Trip Leaders

6-7 April 2016
Spring, Texas, United States


Who Should Attend
This course is designed for anyone who leads or coordinates field activities such as Field Trips, Field Seminars, Field Camps, or general field work, for companies or student groups. Participants will acquire and practice strategies to prepare for and conduct safe and effective field activities.

Upon completion of this seminar, participants will:

  • Be better prepared to assess their safety responsibilities as leaders in preparing for, planning, and conducting a safe and effective field trip.
  • Understand the value of having protocols and specific actions to execute a plan for responding to an emergency in the field.
  • Be more aware of field hazards and means to assess what conditions to consider (topography, steep slopes, cliff faces, etc.), and what weather conditions might make a field stop a "no-go".
  • See the value of conducting a short safety briefing before going to the field each day, allowing trip attendees to give feedback about their safety concerns from the previous field day, and to understand the value of keeping an up-to-date daily Safety Logbook during the field trip.
Course Content

Field activities are normally safe, but accidents do happen with potentially serious consequences, so measures should be taken to reduce the risks. This field safety program is straightforward, widely applicable, and scaleable to a wide range of field activities, from short roadside stops to long, backcountry expeditions. This course provides classroom activities on Day 1 with instructor talks, group problem solving, and hands-on basic first aid scenarios. Day 2 is a trip to a field location where, during 4 field stops, participants will practice many of the field-safety concepts discussed in the classroom.  This course provides scenarios for implementing valuable field safety process and a template for creating programs tailored to the needs of individual field trip leaders. We encourage all AAPG 2015 field trip/field seminar leaders to register for this course.

NOTE: Participant's experience with this course may be enhanced if they have previously taken Basic First Aid and/or Wilderness and Remote First Aid, which are both available from the American Red Cross.

NOTE: This 2-day course will be offered in early-April, well before the AAPG Annual Convention (June 19-22, 2016), so that field trip leaders and other interested persons may attend the course prior to other 2016 field trips/field seminars.

Field Seminar Location
Begins and ends in Houston, Texas. More details will follow soon.

Expires on
08 March, 2016
Early Tuition
Expires on
07 April, 2016
Regular Tuition
24 people

PLEASE NOTE: Registrants in AAPG Field Seminars must complete and sign the Release and Indemnity Form on the bottom of the Registration Form (or read and agree to the appropriate box during online registration.) Your registration will not be complete until we have your signed form in our files. 

Tuition includes course notes, AAPG publication Field Safety in Uncontrolled Environments, other printed material, and classroom first aid supplies. No refunds for cancellations after March 9, 2016.


Pamela (Pam) S. Collins ExxonMobil, Houston, Texas, USA
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Dave Story ExxonMobil Upstream Research Co., Houston, Texas, USA
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Robert T. (Bob) Clarke Consultant, Irving, Texas, USA
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Kevin M. Bohacs ExxonMobil, Houston, Texas, USA
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Lorry Oldefest Distinguished Lecture and Field Safety Coordinator +1 918 560 2621 +1 918 560 2678
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Stephanie Brown AAPG Assistant Registrar +1 918 560-2930
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